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Trag Foundation was working under the name Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF) until July 2013.

BCIF started its work during NATO bombing, when Jenny Hyatt, social praxis consultant from the Great Britain, gave a speech against the bombing of our country on a peace convention in Westminster Central Hall in London. Thanks to her speech, the amount of over 2,000 pounds has been raised for supporting the local initiatives in Serbia and Montenegro. Jenny and her colleagues, British experts for Central and Eastern Europe, have used this fund to start up a charity society BCIF UK, in order to provide small donations for local communities in our country.

BCIF UK was active in Serbia and Montenegro during the first five years, and in 2004 it was registered in Serbia. British and local organizations have been working alongside for the next two years. After the local fund has fairly strengthened its position, BCIF UK’s mission was completed. After three years of rapid development, foundation fACT has dissociated in 2007 and since then operates in Montenegro, while BCIF has continued its work in Serbia.

In 2013 BCIF changes its name to Trag Foundation and continues to operate in Serbia as one of the very few local foundations and the only one working on a local community development.



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