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Mission end Ethics

Trag Mission
Trag mission is to contribute in build active and open local communities by providing assistance to joint initiatives of citizens in these communities. Trag does this by providing financial support, promoting philanthropy and providing other types of support needed.

Trag  Vision
Trag has a vision of Serbia as a just and open society, whose citizens actively and responsibly take initiatives in order to improve their communities. Such a society is based on principles of respecting human rights, tolerance and solidarity.


Our ethical code is based on our values. Respect towards the communities we cooperate with, responsibility for the decisions we make and their effects are visible in all the aspects of our work. Therefore we try our best to:
  • Respect local communities, associations, organizations and the people we work and cooperate with
  • Be independent and open-minded in making our decisions, and to always act according to our values and goals,
  • Treat donation receivers fairly, responsibly and with respect,
  • Respect the rights of our employees and associates
  • Avoid possible conflicts of interest, and react accordingly if they exist,
  • Use the funds allocated to us responsibly, effectively and efficiently, according to the standards appropriate for nonprofit sector,
  • Be transparent when it comes to financial operations, and to publish the reports of independent auditors.

Here you may read our document BCIF’s Politics on Conflict Interest (serbian).pdf. All members of the Board of Directors, Grant Committees, employees and associates are strictly to obey the regulations of this document.



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