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Active Communities

Active Communities 2014



Amount (RSD)
Association "Zaplanje to stay clean" Marina Kutina, Gadžin Han 397,500.00
Restoring an old mill in the village, cleaning of 3 km long water chanell, cleaning of illegal dump sites surrounding the village.
Informal Group "Smile and Wolf" * Leskovac 52,860.00
Art workshops for children without parental care and fostered children in Leskovac. Children will paint beautiful facades of Leskovac and the best drawings will become postcards.
Informal group MBS * Čačak 79,600.00
Activating of city music scene in Cacak by number of concerts, radio shows, media appearances, etc in order to get facility for youth music rehearsals from city authorities.
Informal Group "My Hometown" * Kopajkošara, Svrljig 78,660.00
Cleaning of the Samar cave approach in the village, making the local history museum in the village, organizing culture manifestation Prelo, etc. in order to revive the village and bring some tourists to it.
Alternative for Čačak Čačak 236,488.00
Building of children playground in the park between several blocks in Čačak, in cooperation with other CSOs and citizens as volunteers.
Association for Development of Spirit and Body of Children and Youth "Lightning" * Leskovac 72,400.00
Arranging of neglected public space between several blocks of residential buildings in Leskovac. Children were collecting money for the fence of this terrain.
Center for Education, Research and Development * Belgrade 80,000.00
Art therapy workshops for psychiatric care beneficiaries and connecting hospitalized beneficiaries with previous psychiatric care users who already have their associations. Students of psychology and other interested will work with this marginalized group voluntarily in order to empower them.
Association of Hosts, Entrepreneurs and Artist "Herald" * Mionica, Kosjerić 78,800.00
Building of public toilet and showers in the picnic place in village Mionica near Kosjeric, by joint action of citizens, children and parents from near places, who use this place for picnics and school field trips.
Ecological Association "Hummingbird" * Grejač, Aleksinac 46,380.00
Restructuring of the central park in the village by  planting some plants, painting devices for the children and posting benches etc.
Scouts Squad "Car Lazar" * Kruševac 45,802.40
Youth education on environment and recycling. Forming teams which will map existing landfills, clean them, start waste selection, etc. Youth will also make art objects from the waste.
Roma Humanitarian Center * Bujanovac 79,480.00
Renovation of the children park in Bujanovac, the only place where children of all three nations can play together, by posting marry-go-round for children with disability and special approaches to the park for people with disabilities. the organization will also organize several workshops for children with the topic of park and final exhibition of art works produced.
Amateur theater Kruska * Kruševac 69,200.00
The aim of the project is involvement of young people in creating cultural events and spending quality free time. There will be workshops of acting, students from technical school will participate in  development of set design and costumes, and final result will be performing plays in Krusevac and nearby.
Informal Group "Uzmi stvar u svoje ruke" Donji Ljubeš, Aleksinac 287,500.00
Arranging and equipping of the park and playground in the village, the place where the locals gather, by large voluntary action and in cooperation with several organizations and institutions.
Women's Association in village Bovan "Lake" * Bovan, Aleksinac 78,600.00
Building of the children playground in the village center, the only public space in the village where children can play together.
Informal Group of Women in village Vakup "For the Better Life" * Vakup, Aleksinac 73,768.00
Cleaning and restoring of water supply channels which bring water from the mountain spring to the village fountain. This water is often the only clean, drinking water during summer, when there isn't any other water supply.
Equestrian club Arandjelovac * Aranđelovac 79,800.00
Fundraising in the local community in various ways - collecting recycling materials, humanitarian concert, theatre play "In the the horse we are all equal", etc.
Informal Group "Youth for Kaludjerica" * Belgrade 38,600.00
Youth gathering in various workshops in Kaludjerica. Members of these workshops (photography, reading club, music workshops) will collect signs for petition for awarding facility for youth club in this suburb of Belgrade. They will also organize exhibition and the concert in the end of project.
Informal Group "Ski and Snowboard Enthusiasts" * Majdanpek 79,736.10
Revitalization of the Ski center "Rajkovo", located 5 km to Madanpek, which would revive the city potentially, bring the tourists, etc.
Women's Association of village Potpeć * Potpeć, Užice 75,980.00
Arranging of the wide space in front of Potpecka by planting plants, posting benches and small fountain. All citizens are interested in this work and ready to be voluntary involved in project.
Amateur Theatre of Bela Crkva (BAP) Bela Crkva 399,540.00
The main aim of the project is to apply puppetry techniques as methods of education and integration of children without parental care into local community, in cooperation with teachers in Home for children without parental care “Vera Radivojevic” in Bela Crkva.
Association of foster parents and guardians “Cricket” Topola 397,000.00
The main aim of the project is to support fostering children without parental care in Topola and to support integration of fostered children into local community.
Association "Volunteer center" Niš 396,000.00
Improving the inclusion of marginalized children (children without parental care, single parent' children and street children) by various activities and workshops with volunteers - young people interested in working with children.
Musical Association “Musica Viva” Sombor 200,020.00
Music workshops for the children without parental care, village children and hospitalized children in order to empower them to overcome hard situation and help them to create positive image of themselves.
Zemuns’ Small Art Center * Belgrade 79,700.00
Promotion of the bicycling and bicycle route Eurovelo which goes by Zemun quay, by several public art performances and posting the rest place for cyclers at the point where famous mulberry tree used to grow.
Youth reaction * Zaječar 1,021.20
Repaired neglected playground in Kraljevica in cooperation with local institutions and organized program for children in that playground during project activities.
Informal group "Vesna's children" * Pančevo 61,920.00
Contribution to keeping tradition of the involvement of children in the process of creating (handicrafts, traditional cuisine, playing instruments, making national costumes and so on.) including exhibiting of works of children.
Association of Women's Forum Bajina Bašta * Bajina Bašta 79,100.00
Training in hand-weaving and decoupage technique for about 150 unemployed, middle-aged woman in Bajina Bašta with accompanying educational workshops, volunteer yard decoration of kindergarten, etc., with participation of local institutions in donating facilities and two looms by small businesses.
Citizens association "Hope" Mionica 369,587.40
Arranging of the central city park in Mionica. Volunteers will plant roses, paint park elements and post new swings and merry-go-round.
Citizens Association "Young and talented MiT" * Prijepolje 33,676.00
Decorating neglected and overgrown with weeds, the former Tito grove located between two high schools, with action involving students volunteers (renewal of benches, setting trash cans, planting flowers).
Association "Pletenica" * Bela Crkva 56,700.00
Improving the status and sensitization of local community for the acceptance of children and young people with disabilities. Planned activities include painting sidewalks, art workshops, exhibition, general info parent meeting, event Pesničenje.
Mountaineering and Ski Society "Ljukten" * Trstenik 77,800.00
Arranging and marking hiking trails trail of length of 12 km, together with volunteers, students from Trstenik and other citizens. Organizing hiking tours and donor tours to equip mountain home. Visit   households of elderly in mountainous rural areas.
Scout group Kanjiza * Kanjiža 2,917.50
Organized action of collecting waste for recycling and information program of the Scout Squad Kanjiža on the occasion of Day of the Earth.
Association "Neven" * Niš 7,069.15
Cleaned illegal landfills along the river in the village and arranged that area (they made a summer home, sett up benches, an amphitheater for  projection of films, big chess board, etc.). In addition to that they organized many events in the village (cultural events and sports tournament). Group raised funds from local citizens for this project, and machines as well.
Pannon Phoenix * Tornjoš, Senta 42,474.00
Involvement of children, parents and grandparents from village to arrange ant turn to green public spaces in the village with a great volunteer action by  constant motivating and joint games, contests, etc.
Women Association Maglic * Maglić, Bački Petrovac 58,000.00
Knitting workshops for unemployed women in Maglic, making clothing, training children to knit, and organizing exhibition of the works during Knitters Day  to promote knitting, women's economic empowerment and self-support of women in Maglic.
Association for helping children and volunteering "Smile"* Pirot 69,871.80
Summer stage in the open-air at city center, and performing first first inclusive play.
Association "Etno dom gorocvet" * Inđija 72,620.00
Workshops of embroidery, golden embroidery and other handicrafts for 50 children of primary school age in a period of 12 weeks with the development of attention, imagination, fine motor skills, learning about traditions, spending time with the elderly. At the end of the project all the works will be exhibited at the fair and thus raise funds for the new material.
Monostor Youth Synergy  * Bački Monoštor, Sombor 77,840.00
Construction of the playground for children next to sports facilities in Roma settlement in Backi Monostor.
Aktiv žena mesne zajednice Bački Jarak * Bački Jarak, Temerin 77,880.00
Multietničke radionice veza za 30 žena i 40 dece mađarske i srpske nacionalnosti radi zbližavanja i zajedničkog predstavljanja obe kulture i tradicije, uz podršku lokalnih institucija.
Association of Women Backi Jarak Kladovo 110,000.00
Multi-ethnic workshops for 30 women and 40 children of Hungarian and Serbian nationality, for bonding and joint representation of both cultures and traditions, with the support of local institutions.
Women's Organization of Kolubara region Veliki Crljeni, Lazarevac 390,200.00
Arranging and fencing childrens and sports playground that the residents themselves have made, as the only gathering place in the village.
Youth association "Time" Brodarevo, Prijepolje 131,000.00
Building the mini park on free green areas, as the only such place in Brodarevo.
Association "Match" Čenta, Zrenjanin 114,886.00
The aim of this project is to develop an awareness of villagers about the importance of physical activity and a healthy diet and to promote a healthy lifestyle and good habits, by placing a polygon with exercise equipment.
Center for Open Society Development - Agora Bela Palanka 394,105.00
Remodeling a home that was given to the association for long term use, in a youth club in which young Roma and Serbian people can socialize, implement various actions, practic sports, etc.
Center for Social Development Kljajićevo, Sombor 399,800.00
Arranging a youth center and playground by engaging young volunteers. Youth Center will organize different activities - concerts, films, sports tournaments, etc.
Association of psychiatric care beneficiaries and their family members “Dusa” Belgrade 394,460.00
Visiting high schools and giving lectures on mental health to students, street actions on the Day of Mental Health, preparation and execution of theater forum on the problems faced by users of psychiatric services.
Volunteer fire association "Bajina Basta" Bajina Bašta 395,200.00
Organizing fire preventing campaigns through education of population, placing information boards in the territory of National Park Tara, through leaflets, radio jingles and TV commercials.
Society for the promotion of tourism and agriculture "Nasa Tara" Solotuša, Bajina Basta 399,100.00
Arranging of the countryside of village Solotusa (wooden furniture, hanging bridge, posting of information boards for tourists, etc.) all in order to improve tourism in Solotusa and Tara.
Informal group "Art Zdravka" Sombor 383,900.00
Organizing creative workshops and psychological workshops to help women with cancer, promotion activities, informing the public. The gathering of women suffering from cancer as a form of self-help and support.
Association "Presslica" Milićevo selo, Požega 351,800.00
Renovation of rural home in order to create a functional space that could be used by all residents of a village, by large voluntary action of 30 residents and with financial support of local government.
Informal Group Kaleidoskop Belgrade 347,000.00
Organizing the photo exhibition at The Central Railway Station in Belgrade on railways, tracks, the railway employees, etc.. Group will especially  animate the inhabitants of Roma setllements around the station to participate in photography workshops and to present their vision of the railways and of the whole region.
Sports fisherman club "Profi ribolovac" Vršac 389,450.00
Preparing for competition and participation in  fishing competitions of children and youth and their parents. Club already got permision to use part of TDT channel and Vršačko lake. They will make it all clean and arranged by volunteer action, to spend time there with the children as they learn to fish.
031 Republic Užice 398,395.00
Building a skate park within the city's cultural center (in the former boiler room that is out of order). Main goal of this action is to provide adequate space for young people and others who are engaged in extreme sports.
Citizen Association "Tračak nade" Milavac, Ljig 399,000.00
Making an artesian well in the village and posting strong water pump, that residents could receive water during the summer. Water would provide better conditions for livestock, which is one of the prevailing ocupation of residents.
Association "Temska" Temska, Pirot 159,100.00
Supply of hives and swarms of bees and training young people to be involved in beekeeping - and encouraging them to stay in the village.
Association for Development of Culture and Sports of Children and Youth "Playground" * Čačak 78,864.60
Building of children playground in the park between several blocks in Cacak, in cooperation with other CSOs and citizens as volunteers.
Cultural and ecological craft association "Weaving court Rakari" Rakari, Mionica 320,000.00
Renovation of old magaza, old village warehouse, which is donated to whole community in the village Rakari. This will be the place where weaving workshops will be organized for village women and their children and place for exhibitions of handworks.
Informal group "My Grdelica" Grdelica, Leskovac 236,488.00
Renovation of all basketball courts in Grdelica  and in surrounding villages (15 in total) by large voluntary action. Further promotion of basketball, a sport that is already very popular in Grdelica and connects Roma and Serbian children together in teams.
Women's Association "Slovenka" Gložan, Bački Petrovac 358,000.00
Arranging the main street, leading from the village center to local school, by planting a line of round acacia trees, arranging the lawns and posting trash bins by large voluntary action. The appropriate workshops for students on ecology will be organized as well.
Association Cobra group Donja Toponica, Niš 150,000.00
First Conference of national Associations of Serbian Rural Organizations (NASUS).
Women Association "Pescanik (Freestone)" Kruševac 298,500.00
Education of women in the Roma settlements near Krusevac how to confront violence.
Equal Rights Belgrade 236,488.00
The mobilization and unification of the community of sex workers in Belgrade through the information about their rights, health and referral services available in government and non-government sector. Research of needs of sexual workers, advisory work, a reference to the drop in center of Jazas, as well as the promotion of freedom of organization of sex workers "Equal Rights".
Scout group "Sent Sava" Belgrade 248,226.40
"Mother Nature" - social inclusion of children and young people without parental care through Scouting. The aim of the involvement of children and young people without parental care in Scouting activities which will help them in enhancing social skills.
Center for Positive Youth Development Belgrade 199,773.60
Meet me - organizing forum theater plays for children without parental care.
Belgrade Artistic New Territory Belgrade 300,000.00
Preserving the tradition of quality musical life of the city and defending the profession - enabling young musicians to perform by organizing a mini music festival.
Informal Group "Arza" Niš 236,488.00
Organization of charity concert of classical music with great engagement of young musicians in Nis, their teachers and parents, in memory of their passed friend Filip Cavar.
Unity of action Novi Pazar 296,800.00
Education of women in three villages in the surrounding of Novi Pazar, about their rights, opportunities to participate in decision-making, etc.
Recognize yourself Pančevo 200,000.00
Organizing a series of workshps (music, art, film, etc.) for children of regular population, children with illnesses or disabilities, children without parental care, as well as parents, foster parents and teachers. A rich program will, in the course of five months, bring children together and enable them to become better acquainted with needs of each other.
Association of citizens Sunflower Omoljica, Pančevo 300,000.00
Arranging of coastal by river Ponjavica, by large voluntary action involving all the villagers - setting summer houses, bird houses, parking for bicycles, etc.
Women Association "Save the village" Pribojska Banja, Priboj 300,000.00
Arranging of public space along the road and artificial trout lake in village Kratovo - cleaning the landfill, securing and filling of land, installation of swings, planting flowers. The Association will engage around 70 volunteers in action and has provided additional funding from a variety of sources - from municipality, small businesses, etc.
* final payment for grant approved and issued in previous reporting period

Active Communities for Flooded Areas 2014



Amount (RSD)
Association "Eko-dvoriste" Obrenovac 320,000.00
Opening of the Community Center "Eko-dvoriste" where citizens of Obrenovac can gather, especially young people.The following activities are planned: exhibition of photographs of flooded Obrenovac, glass fusion workshop and other workshops for young people. Center can offer space for citizens (family house and garden), use of the computers and internet, etc.
Women's Association of Kolubara Region Veliki Crljeni, Lazarevac 320,000.00
The establishment of a volunteer center by adaptation of associations space which was destroyed during floods. Procurement of equipment for the center and recognizable uniforms for volunteers. The Association has already gathered a large number of volunteers to help their citizens after floods. They want to emprove their work with volunteers and their assistence to community by establishment of a volunteer center.
LEX national Obrenovac 275,566.40
The establishment of a branch of volunteer service Lex national to assist the elderly and persons with disabilities in everyday needs (procurement of food, medicines, doctor visits, etc.). The needs of these people are especially pronounced after the floods.
Obrenovac Vasariste Obrenovac 318,400.00
Landscaping of the park in the main street by the river Sava in Obrenovac - the town that was completely destroyed in the May floods. The park will be arranged by planting trees and shrubs  and by setting up devices for children  play.
Obrenovac Youth Foundation Obrenovac 258,400.00
Monitoring of the work of city's institutions by monitoring of the construction of dams.  Condition of dams will be constantly photographed by young artists with professional guidance. Photgraphs presenting the state of dams and possible changes, initiated works, etc. on social networks and on the large photo exhibition at the end of the project in the Cultural Center Obrenovac.
Scout's Squad "Bajina Bašta" Bajina Bašta 314,480.00
Organization of scout camps for the children from villages in the vicinity of Bajina Basta affected by the floods. Children could spend winter break within scout camp, learning about nature, etc.
Center for new ideas Obrenovac 299,200.00
The organization of mobile teams of volunteers for help to blind people in Obrenovac. Organizing of social and cultural activities for them, home help, free legal advices, etc.
Association for the Improvement of the Environment and Public Spaces "Eko-planeri" Bajina Bašta 314,544.00
The idea of the project "Green barriers" is to  raise awareness about the importance of preventing erosion of unstable terrain  through education activities of the local population, children and representatives of institutions, and by planting certain types of trees for preventing further consequences of natural disasters. Also, the plan is to build a theme park in the villages Gvozdac and Bačevci that suffered the most from erosion.
Association for Development of Dunav River Region Kladovo 319,280.00
Taking care of elderly people in the village of Grabovica who are affected by floods. The emergency situation in Kladovo is in progress.

Active Communities 2013

Amount (EUR)
“My Village Babe”
Sopot, Beograd
Cleaning and arranging the village, installing signalization in the village, marking and tracing pedestrian paths around the village. Big volunteer action which involved the whole village.
“Trim center”
Independent design and construction of equipment for outdoor training and its installation within the forest complex known as "Russian Cementary" in Jagodina. The activists of the organization have arranged and cleaned whole complex. 
Local Citizens' Initiative LOGIN
 Renovation of dilapidated pedestrian bridge over the river Rzav which connects two villages. Murals were painted on the bridge.
 Association for volunteer work and assistance to children “Smile”
 Construction and installation of outdoor summer stage in the city center, and performance of the first inclusive play on it. The play was prepared and performed by the students from several elementary schools in Pirot, together with their teachers.
Environmental Assiciation of camp fans
Setting up voluntary environmental camp in the park located 3 km from the center of Kragujevac, in order to clean and arrange the park, as well as to arrange a playground.
Youth Reaction
Repairing of dilapidated playground on Kraljevica hill in cooperation with local institutions, and implementation of programs for children on the playground during the project.
Association for the Protection of Persons with Special Needs “Putokaz”
Čukarica, Beograd
Persons with disabilities aged 15 to 30 years from Čukarica, their parents and 20 regular elementary school students and their parents participated in workshops, performances, picnics, aiming at better inclusion of children with disabilities in local community.
Association “Trik”
Nova Varoš
The aim of the project was to arrange public spaces (ski trail and the central city retaining walls) that will be available to all citizens to rest and walk, but also to encourage the activism of young people who will be included in the activities. In addition to cleaning and arranging the space, it was creatively painted and decorated by the activists. 
Association of Businesswomen Zaplanja “ZA!”
Gadžin Han
Old crafts workshops for unemployed women aged 20 to 60 aiming at their economic empowerment and mutual support. 
Environmenmental Association Rzav – God Save Rzav 
 Arranging the island "Uski vir" on the river Rzav by setting up benches, a playground and trash cans.
Sombor Education Center
Arranging of the yard of the building of this civil society organization in Sombor and construction of summer classroom in a major volunteer action. The yard is now public and it is available to the members of several other association in the building, as well as to the other citizens.
Association of Women from Maglić
Maglić, Bački Petrovac
Knitting workshops for unemployed women in Maglić, making clothes, training children to knit and the exhibition of all works during the Days of knitters to promote knitting, economic empowerment and self-support of women in Maglić.
Center for open society development “Agora”
Bela Palanka
Founding and empowering of several groups of young people to advocate for opening of the cinema in Bela Palanka. After several successful actions, these young people have achieved the goal of  advocacy - they have agreed with the representatives of public authorities to screen the films at the cinema once a month.
Extreme Sports Club “Extreme Family 014”
Construction of skate park on the parcel awarded for that purpose by City authorities and organization of free extreme sports school for all volunteers. 
 “Lisna stena”
 Arranging small park near kindergarten and school in order to provide a place for children to play in Old Priboj and to prevent offenders to stay there at night (which is achieved by installing park lighting). The organization has collected the funds in the amount of donation from local authorities, undertakings and institutions. 
NGO “Neven”
 Cleaning illegal landfill along the river in the village and arranging that area after the model set by the group “Cobraʺ - setting up benches, constructing gazebo, amphitheater for movie projections, great chess etc. In addition, the group organized river fish stocking and many other events in the village (scone festival, mini football tournament). The group has raised funds from local residents as well for the implementation of this project, they have a permit to use professional machines and they acquired young fish for stocking in the river. 
Novi Sad Cycling Initiative
Novi Sad
Support to the action “critical mass” which was launched in Novi Sad as monthly ride of cyclists from Novi Sad promoting bicycle as means of transportation. The goal of the action is to increase safety of cyclists in traffic.
Monoštor Youth Synergy
Bački Monoštor, Sombor
 Construction of a playground with sports field in Roma settlement in Bački Monoštor. 
Scouts “Kanjiža” 
Action for selective waste collection and informative program organized by the Scouts “Kanjiža” on the occasion of Earth Day. 
Informal group “The Chubby Cyclists”
Zemun, Beograd
.Installing bicycle parking spots in order to prevent thefts of bicycles and to promote this means of transportation.
Environmental Society  “Zeleni otisak” Lebane
Installing bicycle parking spots in order to prevent thefts of bicycles and to promote this means of transportation.
Association “Rom” Veliko Gradište
Veliko Gradište
Equipping existing field with sports equipment (goals, baskets, etc.) and outdoor toys for children (swings, seesaws, slide) through voluntary action in Roma settlement in the Veliko Gradište. The field was paved with the assistance of the Municipality and through the action of the association.
Scouts squad “Bajina Bašta”
Bajina Bašta
Arranging the space of the scouts camp by building summer classroom and a playground, with the assistance of a great number of volunteers and significant financial support from local institutions, enterprises and local authorities - in the amount of the donation of Trag. 
Amateur Theatre “Kruška”
The aim of the project is to involve young people in the creation of cultural content and to promote creative leasure activities. Acting wokshops were implemented with the participation of young people from Secondary Technical School who worked on scenography and costume design, and as a result, a play was performed in Kruševac and nearby areas. 
Association  “Dunavska golubica”
 The idea of the project was to create a base for the protection and promotion of rare plan species, especially the lilacs and to promote the “City of Lilacs” to grow into a permanent touristic attraction.  Different activities were carried out with the participation of entire local community: making of handcrafts depicting lilac theme, tree planting, promotion via social networks.
“Panon Feniks”
Tornjoš, Senta
Engagement of children, parents, grandparents to arrange and green public spaces in Tornjoš village, through big volunteer action and permanent motivation through joint games, competitions, etc. 
 Informal Group “Youth Theatre Troupe” 
Engagement of young people in developing urban cultural content which is lacking in Priboj, through an exhibition and theatre performance, in cooperation with all institutions of culture in Priboj.
 Association of users of psychiatric services and members of their family members “Duša”
Workshops on embroidery, gold embroidery and other handicrafts for fifty primary school children in a period of 12 weeks with focus on the development of attention, imagination, fine motor skills, learning about tradition, spending time with the elderly. At the end of the project, all works were exhibited at sales exhibition and that way the funds for new material were collected. 
Citizens' Association “Etnodom Gorocvet Inđija”
Workshops on embroidery, gold embroidery and other handicrafts for fifty primary school children in a period of 12 weeks with focus on the development of attention, imagination, fine motor skills, learning about tradition, spending time with the elderly. At the end of the project, all works were exhibited at sales exhibition and that way the funds for new material were collected. 
Association  “Women's Forum”
Bajina Bašta
 Training in hand-weaving and decoupage technique for about 150 unemployed, middle-aged women in Bajina Bašta, with accompanying educational workshops, volunteer action for arranging yard of the kindergarten, etc., with modest participation of local institutions, which provided space for the training and small enterprises, which donated two looms.
Club “Teatar” Prijepolje 3,199.89
Organization of interactive theatre performance using forum theater, which will promote tolerance and diversity as opposed to discrimination among the youth, high school students, which would themselves participate in creating the content of the show.
Informal Group “Baštovanski klub” Beograd 3,267.47
Arranging of the rest of garden around informal cultural center Inex film which was unarranged, with the participation of volunteers and other activists of Inex film. They have constructed small garden house, arranged the parcel and the garden, and planted some plants. 
Mountaineering and skiing Association “Ljukten” Trstenik 2,730.15
 Arranging and marking hiking trails “Trail with Good View” at the length of 12 km, together with volunteers, students from Trstenik and other interested citizens. Organization of hiking tours and donor tours to equip mountain home. Visit to rural mountain households of elderly people.
Informal Group “Vesna's Children” Pančevo 2,172.89
Contribution to fostering the tradition through the involvement of children in the process of creating (handicrafts, traditional cuisine, playing instruments, making traditional costumes) and exhibiting works at the end of the project.
Informal Group “Bekstream” Bačka Palanka 3,070.4
 Improving the status and sensitization of social environment for the acceptance of children and young people with disabilities or developmental challenges. The activities such as painting the sidewalk, art workshops, exhibitions, general informative parent meeting, open forums, and the event “Pesničenje” were implemented.
“Pletenica” Bela Crkva 1,989.70
 Improving the status and sensitization of social environment for the acceptance of children and young people with disabilities or developmental challenges. The activities such as painting the sidewalk, art workshops, exhibitions, general informative parent meeting, open forums, and the event “Pesničenje” were implemented.
Mountaineering - skiing Club “Toplica” Prokuplje 2,455.59
Clearing and marking of 96 km of pedestrian path - connecting Prokuplje with the mountains.
Roma Association Blace Blace 3,109.81
Arranging and furnishing of Youth Club in Đurevac village and organizing a number of activities for children and young people from the village, such as a chess tournament, table tennis, mural painting, art workshops, photography workshops.
Women's Association “Save the Village” Pribojska Banja 3,481.37
Arranging Jarmovački stream through building canal lining and preventing frequent floods and making a picnic site by planting 500 trees, setting up benches, tables, trash cans and one container, so that the citizens of Priboj and Pribojska banja could gather and connect with each other and organize different events in this place.
Independent cultural association “Green eye” Krupanj 3,334.89
Mass cleaning action in Krupanj, which included 500 volunteers, setting up 70 colorful trash cans, a concert, eco-film about the action, in cooperation with many institutions, NGOs and enterprises in the city.
Informal Group “Play” Donji Striževac, Babušnica 3,188.09
 Multi-ethnic workshops on embroidery for 30 women and forty children of Hungarian and Serbian nationality intended for getting to know each other and make joint presentations of both cultures and traditions, with the support of local institutions.
Aktiv of Women from local community of Bački Jarak Bački Jarak, Temerin 2,732.95
 Multi-ethnic workshops on embroidery for 30 women and forty children of Hungarian and Serbian nationality intended for getting to know each other and make joint presentations of both cultures and traditions, with the support of local institutions.
Citizens' Association “Young and Talented Y&T” Prijepolje 1,181.75
 Arranging so-called “Titov gaj”, a place located between two high schools, which is abandoned and overgrown with weeds, with the help of students-volunteers. It is planned to renovate benches, set up trash cans and plant flowers.
Informal Group “Osmeh i vuk” Leskovac 1,844.53
Highlighting the beauty of the city of Leskovac through the competition for painting facades of the buildings and making postcards with images of the best painted facades. Small school of drawing and painting for children coming from foster families and their involvement in the activities. Cleaning the city of ambrosia and arranging several green areas with the help of volunteers. A small celebration in the end.
Informal Group “MBS” Čačak 2,777.61
Reviving music scene in the city of Cacak through organizing a series of concerts, radio shows, media appearances to advocate for acquiring the premises for music rehearsals from the city.
Informal Group “Moj zavičaj” Kopajkošara, Svrljig 2,744.81
Cleaning the entrance to the cave in the village of Samar, an adaptation of one building in the village in local history museum, organizing cultural and tourist event “Prelo” to revive the village and attract potential tourists.
Association for the Development of Culture and Sports for Children and Youth “PlayGround” Čačak 2,751.95
Arranging neglected sports field and green areas between several apartment buildings in Leskovac. The children have collected money from their own pocket money to fence a part of the field.
Association of Hosts Entrepreneurs and Artists “Vesnik” Leskovac 2,526.37
 Arranging neglected sports field and green areas between several apartment buildings in Leskovac. The children have collected money from their own pocket money to fence a part of the field.
Center for Education, Research and Development Beograd 2,791.57
Art-therapy workshops for users of psychiatric services with aim to connect users who are in institutions with users who are not and who have their own associations. In addition to art therapy, many other methods of empowerment have been conducted for these particularly marginalized groups of people.  Students-interns and other interested volunteers were working with the users.
Association of Hosts Entrepreneurs and Artists “Vesnik” Mionica, Kosjerić 2,749.69
Construction of sanitary block with several toilets and showers on the picnic site in the village of Mionica, through joint action of local citizens, teachers, and parents of the children from surrounding places who use this site for picnics and excursions.
Environmental Society “Kolibri” Grejač, Aleksinac 1,618.41
Renovation of the park in the center of the village by repairing existing and installing new park furniture. The organization of the competition for the most beautiful garden in surrounding villages.
Zemun's Small Art Center ZMUC Zemun, Beograd 2,781.1
Promotion of cycling and bike trails “Eurovelo 6”, which runs along Zemun quay, through public art actions, setting up the first bike rest spot for bikers on the quay, collecting signatures to set up bike rest spot on the quay, on the spot which was once famous by old mulberry tree.
Scouts Squad “King Lazar” Kruševac  1,598.26
Educating young people about the environment and recycling, building teams for mapping  and cleaning existing landfills and selecting waste. One part of the waste is used for making recycable decorative objects, while the second part is delivered to PUC.
Roma Humanitarian Center Bujanovac 2,773.42
Renovation of children's park in Bujanovac, which is the only place where children of all three nationalities can play together, followed by different activities - arts and literary works of children on park theme, the exhibition of works, grand opening. A carousel for people with disabilities was set up in the park and access ramps for people with disabilities were installed.
Informal Group “Kaldrma” Novi Pazar 2,491.47
Cleaning the garbage from the city, setting up benches and trash cans along the quay.
Association of Women from Bovan Village “Jezero” Bovan, Aleksinac 2742.72
Constructing a playground in the village, using public space, as the only place where children can play in the village, improving at the same time touristic offer of the village.  
Informal Group of Women from Vakupa “For a Better Life” Vakup, Aleksinac 2,574.11
Cleaning and repair of canals for water supply from the spring to the households in order to secure clean drinking water for the villagers, since the village is usually facing water shortages during  summer.
Equestrian Club  Aranđelovac Aranđelovac 2,784.32
Different ways of fundraising in the community - through secondary waste collection, charity concert, distribution of New Year's presents for children, the performance “We Are All Equal when Riding a Horse”, etc... The goal of fundraising was to secure continuation of successful hipporehabilitation of children with disability.
Informal Group “Ski & Snowboard Enthusiasts” Grocka, Beograd 1,346.80
Revitalization of ski center “Rajkovo”, located 5 km from Majdanpek, which could potentially revive the city and attract the tourists. 
Informal Group “Ski & Snowboard Enthusiasts” Majdanpek 2,782.09
Revitalization of ski center “Rajkovo”, located 5 km from Majdanpek, which could potentially revive the city and attract the tourists. 
Association of Women of Potpeć Potpeć, Užice 2,651.03
Arranging of wider area near Potpeć cave in order to arrange the entrance to the cave and attract more tourists. All villagers from Potpeć are interested in arranging this area. 
AWO Multietničkog centra za mlade Bujanovac 1,531.75
Organizing the exhibition on customs and tradition of living in Bujanovac from the perspective of all three nations, due to the lack of cultural contents in town.

Active Communities 2012

Amount (EUR)
Eco Club “VrBa”
Vrnjačka Banja
Volunteer action of cleaning illegal landfills in Podunavačka bara was carried out and educational activities were organized.
Informal group “Action +”
Novi Kneževac
Landscaping of children’s playground in Smiljevača village was organized with the participation of large number of volunteers.
Proactive youth of Serbia
Through this project the organization emphasized the problem of village Sivac, which is lacking sports fields and when the landscaping  of the terrain was completed, sports tournament was organized.
Informal group “Gruža Initiative”
Gruža’s fountain was restored and public space around it was landscaped.
Informal group “Youth cultural center – OKCE”
Young people who gathered around this informal group organized an art competition, public readings, a rock and classic music concert and installed an info-board called the Cultural Compass.
Independent cultural association “Green eye”
The organization has carried out a series of street art events to revive the city center of Krupanj and motivate young people to focus on creative activities.
“Association of parents of developmentally challenged children”
Vrnjačka Banja
The association organized the landscaping of the yard in which social service “Predah” (“Time-out”) is provided, in order to enable the realization of outdoor activities for the children who use this service.
Informal group “Avnoj crew”
The aim of the project was to contribute to fostering a healthier lifestyle for children and young people by installing an outdoor gym with various forms of exercise equipment.
Citizens’ Association “Jerina's town”
The aim of the project was to involve the local community in the restoration and touristic promotion of the site “Jerina’s town.”
“Center for independent life of mentally challenged persons”
Creative workshops (silk painting, decoupage and jewelry making) were carried out to engage people with disabilities in productive work.
Informal group “PAK Mosor”
Mountain pathways and a picnic site in Suva planina were landscaped together with the installation of benches and tables, marking pathways, cleaning and reforestation activities and organization of follow-up activities, such as issuing a guide, school lectures and photo exhibitions.
Informal group “Villagers of village Leskovo”
The aim of the project was to build a playground in the yard of the village school, which was lacking play structures.
Association of single parents and single parent families “Together”
Novi Pazar
The association built an inclusive and accessible park for children with disabilities.
Informal group “Little Big People”
Landscaping of local beach, workshops on making objects from recycled materials and a performance  on environmentalism were included in the project.
Informal group “Glimpse of Hope”
The aim of the project was to landscape a sports field in a Roma village with the participation of the entire community.
Women’s center “Milica”
Vrnjačka Banja
The aim of the project was to train women suffering from cancer to make souvenirs by using traditional methods to ecourage their economic and psychosocial empowerment.
Ethno association “Homeland”
The project involved renovating and equipping a summer stage and auditorium in the village.
Citizens’ Association “Let’s shake”
Creative workshops were organized with the aim to develop closer relationships between children with intellectual challenges and their close family members.
Informal group “Takovo Region Youth”
Gornji Milanovac
The aim of the project was to landscape the coastal area of the river Dičina and picnic site Savinac.
Cultural society “Mora Isztvan”
The society organized bilingual performances (Hungarian / Serbian), which helped the participants to learn the Serbian language, enriching the cultural life of Kevi and surrounding villages.
Informal group “Guardians of Nature” („Čuvari prirode“)
The aim of the project was to landscape the abandoned football field in the village and to construct a children's playground in order to provide a place for gathering to the youngest residents of the village.
Sport Fishing Association “Tisa 130”
The aim of the project was to landscape 1km of coastal area of the river Tisa and to make space for leisure and relaxation near the river (benches, tables) in order to increase the number of people who use and take care of the river in a long-term perspective.
Youth Club “Boljevac”
A picnic site in Boljevac was landscape (tables, benches, garbage cans) as a result of a large volunteering event in cooperation with local institutions, and morning celebration of Labor Daywas organized.
Informal group “MZ Gornji grad”
The main objectives of the project were to build a safe zone in the form of a children's playground, to resurrect a basketball court and green the sports complex.
Informal Group “Youth Initiative”
The aim of the project was to landscape the city park through the installation of benches, lanterns, exercise equipment etc. in Babušnica.
Citizens’ association “Videa”
With the aim to economically empower people with disabilities in mental functioning, creative workshops were organized in order to enable them to work independently.
Informal Group “Initiative of Kravlje”
The aim of the project was to landscape the space around thermal springs Topila through clearing, planting trees, installing outdoor furniture and info-boards. In addition, the group organized education for the local population in environmental protection.
AFA –Association of Photography Authors
Professional photographers held a photography training for young Roma people, including a focus on photographing scenes from their lives, the results of which were exhibited on public portals, the website of the association and a commercial exhibition.
“Jagodina Animated Film”
The aim of the project was to emphasize the importance of recycling through creative work or through competition, puppet workshops, eco-fashion and outdoor furniture making.
Cultural and Artistic Society “Petefi Šandor”
The idea of the project was to preserve traditional crafts by teaching the children to produce handcrafts.
Non-governmental Organization “Dunav BNS” Bačko Novo Selo 2.978,90
Sports fields were renovated in Bačko Novo Selo for accessibility through major volunteer activities and the program that followed, which included a football tournament and welcoming ships on the docks.
„MULTIVOKS” Niš 2.814,20
The aim of the project was to teach contemporary circus arts to young performers from Niš so they could visit children who are staying in a Safe House the children who are hospitalized and to entratain the children who use the services of the Shelter.
Women’s Association “Kolevka Bačke” Bač 2.001,70
The aim of the project was to raise awareness on waste management and environmental protection among young people in order to draft the “Action Plan for a Cleaner Municipality.”

Active Communities 2011

Amount (EUR)
Hiking and skiing club “Stari Vlah”
Through this project, the organization has solved the problem of arranging fields for sports and recreation in Ivanjica and its environs by mapping and marking the trails for biking and hiking in Golija and organizing several workshops in local schools.
Informal group “Nature and Society”
The objective of the project is the organization of the event "Nature and Society", consisting of musical and artistic content, as well as the content regarding preserving and protecting the environment.
Association “ECHO - Echo of positive tendention”
The main objective of the project is to create the conditions for a diverse and creative socializing and entertainment of children and parents through organizing board games, sports and arts activities.
Association “Expanse”
The objective of the project is the organization of therapeutic, art workshops with psychiatric patients of the Centre for Partial Hospitalization of the Clinical Hospital Centre of Serbia. 
Association “RIME”
Through this project, the organization realized a performance in which the children with disabilities and children from marginalized social groups participated equally.
Fund for Development of Culture and Creativity of Children and Youth - COOLIST FUNDATION
Novi Sad
The objective of the project was to contribute to reducing youth violence through their direct engagement and greater involvement in cultural activities. Within the framework of the project, a youth panel discussion, performances and video-material projections were organized.
Centre for Creative Upbringing and Multicultural Cooperation -CEKOM
The objective of the project is to establish a model for citizens’ participation in the greening of urban spaces through donations of seedlings.
Informal Group “Theatre lovers organization”
The objective of the project was the realization of theatre performance in which young amateur actors from the village Kušiljevo participated.
Student Youth Club
The objective of the project is to refurbish the park in the centre of Kovačica, so it could be afterwards used for various activities.
Informal group “Culture”
Within the framework of this project, the organization has carried out a series of musical, creative, journalistic and other workshops that encourage young people to artistic, creative work and activism in general.
Association for Education of Roma
The objective of the project is to refurbish the plateau in Roma neighbourhood in Surdulica.
Association “The Green Alternative”
Through creative work and educational approach to different problems and relevant issues, the program aims at raising awareness among young people about the importance of maintaining healthy living habits and cherishing life through humanism, in order to secure the quality of their future life, as well as the life of the community as a whole. 
Women's center “Milica”
Vrnjačka Banja
The objective of the project is to carry out creative workshops, as well as workshops for psycho-social support for women with breast/uterine cancer and their family members.
Cycling-Environmental Association "Ecobike"
The objective of the project is marking and refurbishing footpaths and their adaptation for cycling.
Centre of Volunteers’ and Nature Protection Movement of Pančevo
The objective of the project is the refurbishing of “Goranski Park” in the centre of Pančevo with active participation of the community. 
Association for Preservation, Revitalization and Promoting of old crafts “Craft keepers”
The objective of the project is to organize weaving workshops for the PWD and their families in order to contribute to their socialization and economic empowerment.
Youth Association for Intellectual Services
The objective of the project is the reconstruction of fountain atrium in Mladenovac which represents a traditional place for organizing concerts, plays, dances, in order to adapt that the space so it can be re-used for similar purposes.
Teacher's Association “Survival”
Through educational and other activities of this project, the group contributed to solving the problem of inadequate waste management.
Association “Jagodina Animated Film”
The objective of the project is the realization of an inclusive animation workshop for the children from the school “11th May "(children with hearing and speech disorders).
Informal Group “Place for Stimulation of Development of Children and Youth”
Through this project, a group of volunteers who assist the parents caring for children with disabilities was organized.
Citizens’ Association for people with and without disabilities “We are Together”
Veliko Gradište
The objective of the project is the construction of access ramps for the PWD and the organization of workshops on the importance of accessibility to public and commercial buildings for the PWD.
Association for culture and art “Ištvan Mora”
A handicrafts workshop was organized through the project for the residents of the villages in order to empower them to use these skills in everyday life and career development.
Informal Group “Youth in Straža”
The project was initiated by a group of young people in the village Straža who gathered with a desire to clean up and refurbish the centre of the village in order to adapt it for gathering and spend their free time there.
Association “Pharo drom”
The objectives of the project are the implementation of the local action plan for Roma in Horgoš, education and assistance in arranging Roma neighbourhood, as well as the assistance in growing plants and breeding animals.
Association “Let’s Keep Zaplanje Clean”
Gadžin han
The objective of the project is to remove the dump and arrange the main square in Marina Kutina, as well as to add the objects for children (swings, seesaws, etc...).
Extreme sports club “Ras”
Novi Pazar
The objective of the project is to raise the level of multi-ethnic tolerance and understanding among young people in Novi Pazar through organization of training and team competitions in extreme sports.
Hiking Association “Oštra čuka”
The objective of the project is the conservation and ecological restoration of Ripaljka waterfall and its immediate environs and the road leading to the site as well.
Ethno Association “Tradition”
The objective of the project is to engage the residents, particularly women and share the knowledge regarding traditional crafts, especially embroidery, 
gold embroidery and weaving.
“Enterprenurial Women Club”
Bački Petrovac
The objective of the project is to educate the women in rural areas regarding the topic of rural tourism in order to empower them for employment and self-employment in the field of traditional crafts.
Informal group “Young web portals of Subotica”
The objective of the project is to refurbish a skate-park and build new elements for skating.  Apart from the project, the organization has promoted this extreme sport among elementary school students and organized a mini-training for the youngest within the project opening ceremony.

Active Communities 2010

Amount (EUR)
Youth Cultural Centre “Reformars"
Arranging the park in order to create a brand new corner that inspires a different view on things and encourages creative thinking, opens new horizons for young people and other citizens of the municipality as well as for all its visitors.
Roma Women Association “Nada”
Increasing the level of knowledge in the area of social protection through informing and education of Roma Women in Aleksinac, Aleksinački Rudnik and Prćilovci.
Democratic Volunteer Action DeVA
The initiative for the protection of the Roman thermal baths and the campaign for promotion of their cultural and historical significance in Čačak. Through specific actions and the campaign, the group has cleared the area around thermal baths and influenced competent authorities to maintain the space in the future.
Centre for the Promotion of Ecology and Living Culture “Eko Kult”
Klek (the Municipality of Zrenjanin)
Volunteer action for the renovation of the bicycle path in Klek and for placing repaired bicycles collected during the project along the track so that all residents could use them.
Non-formal Group “Cobra”
Donja Trnava (the Municipality of Niš)
The initiative for rearranging the court for volleyball and other sports, public space that connects the two villages, which is accessible to everyone and can be used by all generations. The action inspired cleaning and restoration of several more locations in the village.
Citizens’ Association “For the Common Good”
Zdravčići (the Municipality of Požega)
The association initiated the revitalization of a village school’s yard and playground, which involved volunteers and entire community.
Association “Green Alternative”
Through creative and innovative work, by using the talents of children and young people, an impact was made on their awareness of the role of ecologically clean environment and its importance, both for themselves and for the whole community 
and their future life in a clean environment.
Citizens’ Association “The Challenge of Life”
Starting a volunteer program for psycho-social support and socialization of children with intellectual disabilities, in cooperation with the Center for Social Work, school and Center for housing and day care for children.
Association for the Support of the People with Neurosis “Hertz”
In order to improve the quality of life of people suffering from neurosis, the Society has organized a series of activities and self-help groups. The local population was included in the actions which raised awareness of this problem.
Paraplegic Association of Banat
The yard of the day care centre “Alternative“ was decorated through joint action with the participation of disabled people and local community which empowered people with disabilities to emerge from the shadows and to make a connection with the local community. At the same time, a beautiful and useful space for joint activities was created.
Non-formal Group “Shakespeare’s Children”
The exhibition of high school students‘ artwork which enabled them to draw attention of community members (decision-makers, as well as of all the other citizens) to their vision of life in the city. The artworks had a critical and affirmative character and thematically were profiled to encourage activism and solving of local problems.
Scout Squad “Nikola Skobajić”
Vučje (the Municipality of Leskovac)
Providing assistance to young people to use creative work in order to actively participate in the development, the improvement of the quality of life and the solving of important problems in the local community.
Pannonian Activist Organization – PAOR
Launching the public advocacy project in order to obtain an alternative space for young people (industrial or abandoned space), through series of activities and public events that included a large number of young people and civil society organizations.
Citizens’ Association “Eco Voice Jagodina”
The association has organized a series of creative activities during 5 days under the title "Cultural Olympics of Jagodina", which involved local institutions, young people, citizens.
Non-formal Group “Lepenac”
Lepenac (the Municipality of Brus)
The group has arranged the schoolyard by setting up the equipment for children (swings, seesaws, slide, jungle gym), garden decoration (trees and flowers) benches (for resting) and baskets (for waste), whilst the action inspired children and students,
educators and teachers, parents and citizens, young people and local government to further improve public spaces.
Citizens’ Association “Group IDE”
The realization of creative art workshop for children which are beneficiaries of the Shelter for Emergency Protection of Abused Children and the organization of two exhibitions with artworks created in the workshops in order to contribute to psycho-social empowering and socialization of the children.
National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer- NURDOR
Programs for psycho-social support to parents of children suffering from cancer, fun and educational workshops with children and young people with cancer at three departments for hemato-oncology in Belgrade were implemented.
Ruthenian Society in Subotica
The inclusion of children of Ruthenian nationality in the work of children puppet theater contributed in bringing closer Ruthenian languageand culture to the local community. After the selection of children and play, the play was realized by the group and performed several times.
Society for Cerebral and Child Paralysis Trstenik
Through inclusive creative workshop the gathering of the persons without disabilities and persons with disabilities from the Society 
for Cerebral and Children Paralysis, Society for Mentally Challenged Persons (MNRO) and community organizations for deaf and hard-of-hearing of Trstenik municipality was organized.
Non-formal Group “Tripun”
Kamenica (Niš)
Promoting the awareness among young people in the local environment of the importance of drinking water and preserving its resources, as well as of the rational use and saving possibilities.
Encouraging women to participate actively in promoting better status of pregnant women and exercise influence on decision-makers in order to improve the financial status of women on maternity leave.
Citizens’ Association “Beli Drim”
Educational workshops with refugee women in a collective camp and other numerous activities in order to empower them.
Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities of the Municipality of Vrnjačka Banja
Vrnjačka Banja
The realization of creative workshops for children with disabilities three times a week, which improved their quality of life and partly integrated them into the community.
Non-formal Women Group
Perlez (the Municipality of Zrenjanin)
Education of women with disabilities and unemployed women about the importance of white embroidery in order to empower themfor future work.
Non-formal Group South Oxford Six
The group organized a seminar for young composers whose aim is to present the practice of eminent composers from New York to young colleagues in Belgrade with public performance of young composers at the end of the seminar.
Labris - Group for Lesbian Human Rights
Institutional support for the organization.

Active Communities 2009

Amount (EUR)
Lužnice craft works “Women Ethno Village”
Founding a weaving school for women aged 40 to 50 who are the most vulnerable group in Babušnica, in order to encourage them to start their own businesses.
“The World of Words”
Velika Plana
The goal of the project is raising public awareness on the problem of human trafficking, with participation of about 1200 students. Organizing workshops which are run by educators - contemporaries, launching a radio and a TV show, organizing creative street actions where dolls are being put in store windows, making a stand at the market (simulation of trafficking human bodies) etc.
The main purpose of the project is raising public awareness on the need to preserve and protect the environment and natural resources, by more rational material waste management in households, and active citizens’ participation in the process of establishing a modern system for managing solid communal waste through workshops, public gatherings, exhibitions.
Women society “The Bridge” Priboj
Support program for the unemployed women aged 40-52 which helps them to strengthen themselves by education and workshops, and provides them with an opportunity to get more qualification in the field of crafts so that they may be able to run their businesses independently. Unemployment service participates as well, but also the women who have gone through the workshops so that they may voluntarily pass on to other women the knowledge they have acquired.
Informal group “Duo Floral”
Organizing creative workshops with the people with Down syndrome, in order to give them an opportunity to strengthen themselves after the project and be able to engage themselves in a creative way.
Society of Teachers
Organizing summer camp (which has been realized for the past two years), along with workshops and creative activities which would connect the children from 5 elementary schools in the municipality of Senta.
Informal group “The Guards of Tradition”
Revitalization of the old mill, promotion of ethnological tourism and old crafts, promotion of crafts through various programs and activities which include a great number of citizens from the local community. Inclusion of other actors - from the profit sector and from other organizations.
Informal group “Tripun”
Improving the development of local community, raising the quality of life in the country by arranging and reviving public spaces, forming a mini ecological center, reconstructing and restoring the public fountain.
Society of People with Multiple Sclerosis
Strengthening the people with multiple sclerosis, in order to continue their affirmation and to enable them to work independently, and to be able to sell the works they would create during this project.
“Mother Courage”
Strengthening the people with multiple sclerosis, in order to continue their affirmation and to enable them to work independently, and to be able to sell the works they would create during this project.
Society for Roma emancipation “Kham”
Organizing Roma culture promotion week, by presenting Roma writers, photographers, musicians, with art workshops for the children and documentary film screening.
Society of Roma women “The Hope”
The main goal of the project is to raise through education the level of knowledge Roma women possess on their social care rights.
Civil Resource Centre
Launching a number of workshops for the children aged 12 to 18 on the topic of human trafficking.
Multimedia club “The Development”
Reviving the suburbs, through a few creative actions in order to promote a cleaner environment.
Pensioners of Work Society
Building the first park in Putinci, so that the children could have a place to play, and the elderly a place to rest.
Informal group “Y Peer
Novi Pazar
Implementing a number of workshops on the topic of raising awareness of the young on the importance of solving the problem of environment preservation, and involving the young through competitions and quizzes
Informal group "IDE"
Realizing a theater performance and a number of creative workshops with the children who are hearing impaired in order to work on their inclusion.
“GM Optimist”
Gornji Milanovac
Spreading the information on the importance of the right electric and electronic waste management, connecting the interested parties from the local community (the citizens, educational institutions, business sector, local government, media) in order to preserve the environment, and to create better conditions for healthier and safer life in accordance with National Strategy for Sustainable Development.
Society of Parents with Children Suffering from Malign Diseases “The Fairy”
Organizing a variety of activities and workshops with the children suffering from malign diseases and their parents in order to strengthen that target group.
Association of the Young of Kruševac
Organizing a variety of activities (workshops, brochures) in order to connect the young with the inmates of the correctional institution in Kruševac, and to rack prejudices and stereotypes .
Municipal society “Ada” local organization Mol
Organizing self-help groups for a better communication between the elderly and for their strengthening.
Educational Center for Rural Development
Organizing workshops for women from 9 surrounding villages next to Zrenjanin in order to strengthen them for the future work, so that they may start their own businesses after the completion of education and exhibition.
Novi Sad Association for Development and Improvement of Society
Novi Sad

A variety of workshops with 7th and 8th grade children in order to suppress the use of narcotics. Mutual education with their arents.
Extreme Sports Club “Ras”
Novi Pazar
Taking care of sport and tourist needs of Novi Pazar, as well as prompt turning the young towards sports.
Society for Creativity of the Young
Creating a theater performance with the children who are in Center for protection of abandoned children, in order to work on their integration. After the completion of the performance, the actors of Niš theater would work with those children on the further development of their art and acting skills.
Society for Creativity of the Young
Creating a theater performance with the children who are in Center for protection of abandoned children, in order to work on their integration. After the completion of the performance, the actors of Niš theater would work with those children on the further development of their art and acting skills.

Youth organization
“Sokobanja O“

Restoring the park and building a playground for the children.
Eco society “Kriva Drina”
The project which should put an end to further throwing of waste on the location called “Kriva Drina”, by putting up garbage bins and sings, planting poplar trees where the land fill took place, organizing excursions and ecological workshops on “Kriva Drina” for the children, organizing a media campaign and a photo exhibition.
Places in the Heart” fund
The fund grants an award to civil society organizations and informal groups which have in 2008 implemented projects with the most positive effects on their local communities.
“Living Uprightly” center
Novi Sad
General support to the work of “Living Uprightly” center.
Public Relation Society of Serbia
Support to Public Relation Society of Serbia in the field of the improvement of public communication.
Restoring the place which has been destroyed by the flood caused by a great storm.


Active Communities 2008

Amount (EUR)
Kikindski forum
Citizens’ initiative so that Kikinda can get administrative status of a town.
Informal youth organisation Home Home
Novi Bečej
Initiative for getting free of charge premises for youth in municipality Novi Bečej, by animating youth to influence decision-makers.
Citizens’ association Busija
Building a children’s playground in the settlement for refugees and displaced persons in Busija with citizens’ voluntary contribution.
Association for help to people with mental disorders Vračar
Organization of inclusive workshops for children with disabilities, Roma children and children from schools in Vračar, accompanied by networking and lobbying relevant organizations, institutions and local authorities to support inclusive education.
Citizens’ association Optimist
Organization of theatre workshops and playing performances with pupils from two village schools, members of different ethnic groups and initiative for establishing a theatre club in school.
Citizens’ association Kosmopolis
Organization of art programmes at different locations in the town, aiming at revival of the cultural scene in Niš and support to youth to participate in cultural life of the town.
Association of sports trainers of Serbia and Montenegro
New Belgrade
Organization of a number of sports activities for youth in New Belgrade, aiming at promotion of mass sports for everybody.
Movement for Male pijace
Male pijace
Removal of waste disposals and creating a green area, through voluntary action of village population.
GM Optimist
Gornji Milanovac
Organization of action to clean illegal waste disposals and training of ecologists aiming at raising level of environmental protection in Gornji Milanovac.
Citizens’ association Perfekt
Voluntary action to reconstruct children’s playground in Roma settlement, followed by series of activities for children, with great support from local self-government.
Alternative Cultural Center
Including youth in creating cultural scene in the municipality (theatre performances, exhibitions, manifests and announcements, public events).
Association of Roma women Osvit
Introducing and including representatives of local self-government and Roma community into implementation of action plans within the Decade of Roma population.
Green zone

Organization of summer International Camp in village Ćuštica in Knjaževac, marking tracks and initiating voluntary ecological activities for youth.

Third square

Poetry workshops with pupils from technical schools in New Belgrade and presentation of works, aiming at affirmation of youth creative work.

Informal group Kikindski mamuti

Promotion of traditional sport from Banat – šore, through inclusion of youth to practice it.

Timacum Malus

Organization of a festival in the village, which combines traditional and modern, involves the community and promotes it in the region, with support by local self-government.

Informal group Camp Radinac

Reconstruction of sports fields for the need of children in refugee settlement Radinac.

Green Key

Revitalization of neglected space in settlement Ratko Jović, establishing the first park-space for leisure activities, children’s play and sports activities.

ECO 030

Promotion of waste separation and recycling through the action of removing inorganic garbage and educating youth about advantages of PET packing.

ECO Glas

Education of school children about general ecological issues, consequences of environmental pollution, importance of recycling, with particular accent on PET packing and tin cans, about importance of environmental protection.

Scouts group
Bajina Bašta

Revival of the green area for summer scouts’ camps, workshops and seminars aiming at developing eco-tourism.

Informal group Kobra

Initiative for reconstructing and adapting premises of neglected Cultural Home in the village and establishing the Center for education, sports and creative activities and promotion of voluntary work.

Kikindski forum

Citizens’ initiative for establishing functional ombudsman in Kikinda.

Ecological workshop

Building a green-house for growing decorative plants, and realization of creative workshops and educational activities for children, and implementation of actions to green the public spaces in the village.

Center for nonviolent resistance
Revival of Tašmajdan stadium through organization of a public campaign and by involving citizens in various activities at the stadium.
Incest trauma Center
Support in making a film on issue sexual violence It’s new that I have been abused.
Society of Serbia for public relations
Support to activities of the Association for improving development and visibility of philanthropy in Serbia.


Active Communities 2007

Amount (EUR)
Boy Scout Troop Zavičaj 1093
Revitalizing part of a school yard to be used as a summer classroom and a playground for pupils, boy scouts and other children in the community.
Sharing experiences regarding work with the elderly, and applying the elderly self-help group model.
Bačka Topola
A youth initiative for environmental protection through actions and campaigns related to recycling and the selective disposal of waste.
Workshops with the aim to of assisting people with disability to communicate whit the environment, including psychological support for families and beneficiaries.
Establishing a working group consisting of representatives of all institutions who will recruit volunteers to participate in actions to mclean and remove solid waste from the Vučjanka river.
Theatre club
Organising a children’s theatre with the participation of children of all ethnic groups. The theatre play will be performed 20 times in different locations in order to revitalize culture in Prijepolje, especially for young people and children.
KUD B.Radičević
Organising an international camp to involve international volunteers and youth from the community in an action to clean and otherwise improve the village centre and assist with the village „slava“(traditional celebration).
Promoting the protection of natural resources and education about pollutants through citizens’ participation in different activities such as lessons in nature, making bird houses, cleaning illegal waste disposals, an exhibition)
Improving the visibility and human rights of the LBGT population through the organization of support to LBGT people, as well as street actions and a media campaign involving famous people.
Organising activities to improve the integration of children with disability through a school of journalism for children with disabilities, workshops about prejudices and stereotypes, followed by local TV programmes
Leskovački krug
Continuing to advocate for the territorial re-organization of the Leskovac municipality through information dissemination and activation of citizens on the issue of municipal decentralisation.
Green bike
An eco patrol of young people who will collect waste for recycling in order to initiate a practice and provide an example of how the environment should be treated. Funds gained from recycling will be used to support various children’s activities in nature.
Club 21

Developing a network of „Mesečina“clubs targeting youth with risky behaviour, opening a new club in Subotica in a primary school that introduces a new methodology which involves students as volunteers.

Residents’ Association

Activating residents in settlement R to improve the space (space around buildings, buildings’ interior, providing swings for children’s playground, lightning to provide better conditions for their activities.

Focus M
Organising cleaning actions and youth workshops to raise awareness about ecological issues among children and youth and stimulating their activism.
Mali Zvornik
Developing and popularising modern forms of art and expressions including organization of musical performances and promotion of voluntarism through a clean-up action on the Drina river bank.
Decreasing homophobia and motivating LGBTTIQ people to take a more active role in the community and work to support their human rights.
Nature lovers’ Movement
Sremska Mitrovica
Involving the local population, mainly schoolchildren, in activities regarding protection of the environment and natural resources, including removing illegal waste disposals in 6 villages which border with „Bara Zasavica“nature resort.
Ecological movement Bela Breza
Decreasing the number of waste landfills through proper waste disposal, and selecting waste that can be recycled, promoting recycling and connecting institutions that deal with environmental protection.
Friends of children
Restoring a well of great cultural-historic value for the local community and revival of the space to improve the public space.
Climbing club Adrenalin
Novi Sad
Actions to animate and include the public in solving the problem of a stone-pit near Ledinačko lake and engage in conservation activities related to preserve the lake.
Informal group Alternative Cultural Center
Advocating to revoke a municipal decision to close the only cultural institution, the Cultural Home in Tutin and to improve cultural opportunities through cultural programmes, protests/petitions, and discussions.
Women’s Active
Decorating the village, with the participation of citizens’ and municipality support; fixing a bridge and cleaning a canal, building children’s playground, placing decorative flower stands and display stands to attract tourists who pass through Neradin.
OK First tempo
Sremska Mitrovica
Improving the school yard of PS Sveti Sava in Sremska Mitrovica with the active participation of children, parents, support from local donors, the school, and local municipality.
General Association of Enterprenuers
Establishing a „Chicken fest“ event in Žitište in cooperation with the municipality, the Agroživ company to help promote the municipality as a producer of chicken products and as a touristic destination.
Increasing participation of Roma children in social life and improving the quality of life in the local community by decreasing prejudices among different nationalities through promotion of sport and healthy lifestyles.
Lesbian organization NLO Novi Sad
Novi Sad
Organizing performances and other art programmes during the Parade of Pride festival period elsewhere in the world to involve a broader community in activities and build support.
Informal group Equal opportunities in sports for women and children from Vračar
Promoting equal opportunities for girls in synchronized swimming and involving children with developmental disorders from the Institute in Zvečanska Street and lobbying decision makers to improve the status of women’s sports.
Women’s Forum
Mali Iđoš
Preventing violence among children through work with schools, Centre for Social Welfare, parents, teachers and other organizations and institutions.
Roma Association Svilajnac
Cleaning and creating a green area in a Roma settlement through voluntary actions and meetings with representatives of institutions to agree on disposal of waste from the settlement.
Organising various activities and festival with school children from different
ethnic groups in Vranje.
Informal group Youth from village Gornjane
Improving and cleaning the sports field and childrens’ playground through a voluntary action and the organization of sports programmes.
Informal group For better village
Cleaning and equipping the children playground in cooperation with Žagubca municipality and the primary school.
Green key
Initiating a decision to build a park or sports field in the Ratko Jović settlement in Niš, an action toput in place PET containers and a campaign about proper disposal of waste.
Municipal Association of Pensioners in Ada, local organization Mol
Providing support (including socializing, providing food necessities, medicines, and care) to elderly and ill people living alone, in cooperation with the Center for Social Welfare and the Elderly Home.
Informal group Natalino
Debeli Lug
Improving a space for children’s play in Debeli Lug village in cooperation with the Municipality, primary school and follow up by organizing a series of children’s programmes.
Informal group Oldal
Animating youth to take photos (through workshops and exhibitions) in cooperation with cultural institutions in Zrenjanin, as a first step toestablishing in annual photo festival to be funded by the Municipality.
Čokanski dobošari (Drummers from Čoka)
Auditions and training for youth in Čoka, and involving them in preparing and performing a theatre play which will be promoted and performed in the region.
Association for animals’ rights and protection Taura
A campaign for a long-term solution to the problem of stray dogs byinvolving children, citizens and institutions in collecting signatures and supporting a proposal for care for animals’ rights at municipal level.
Cycling and hiking association Lisac
Building a children’s park in Zagubica with the participation of all actors in the community and organization of sports programmes for children.
Association of Serbia for public relations
Organising various activities to promote the visibility of philanthropy in Serbia.


Active Communities Montenegro 2007

Amount (EUR)
Women’s initiative in Zeta Golubovci
Empowering women in rural areas of Zeta through workshops, focus groups, lectures on women’s rights and reproductive health issues, as well as by informing the public about problems of women living in this area.
Supporting psychoactive substances addicts with the assistance of former addicts.
Economic empowerment of young women through professional orientation and education about prevention of violence through a number of workshops and lectures.
Office for protection of students’ rights
Improving a school yard through an organized action involving the broader local community.
Parents for students
Education regarding the need to preserve the environment for students in primary and secondary schools in Kolašin and organizing actions to clean up the school yard, plant trees, clean the riverbank, build birdhouses, and hold an art contest and knowledge quiz.


Active Communities 2006

Amount (EUR)

Animating young people to develop the creative potential through a photo exhibition entitled My Niš, the place in which I want to live and advocating with local authorities to hold an annual event.

Center for youth initiatives
Organizing a campaign for the suspension of a regulation against keeping animals as pets in buildings.
Encouraging isolated families with disabled children to join activities in the playrooms with children without disabilities.
Elderly people group for self-help
Organizing a self-help group for elderly people and additional support in attracting local contributions.

Forming a center for women and children victims of violence, offering counseling and legal support and creating an institutional support network.

Women in action
Velika Plana
Providing better services to women from rural areas suffering from violence and additional support in attracting local contributions.
Vranjska Banja
Reviving of children playground through a voluntary action involving children and
Women at work
A campaign for 16 days of activism against violence against women.
A campaign for redefi ning the administrative status of the Vučje community and decentralization of the Leskovac Municipality.
Women Association Cradle of Bačka
Collecting and presentating the cultural heritage of different ethnic groups living in Bač.
Volleyball club The first tempo
Sremska Mitrovica
Reconstructinga sand-volleyball terrain on the riverbank and engaging young people to become involved in sports activities.
Providing psychological and art workshops for children from a institution for young delinquents and engaging them with children from the community in painting the mural in the public park.
Green bike
Voluntary actions to clean illegal garbage dumps and advocate for better regulation of waste disposal.
Center plus
Velika Plana
Actions and advocacy for better maintenance of public space
Ecological Movement
Organizing actions for recycling in local schools.
White cane
Opening the Friends voluntary center to improvethe quality of life of people with impaired sight.
Sparks Loznica
Preventing addictions among youth and working with the municipality to develop a strategy for youth.
Revitalizing an old park and playground.
Association of Roma Solidarity
Working with the Roma community and local Employment Offi ce to help Roma people to fi nd employmeny.
Group of women activists
Rebuilding and adapting 8 old wells which provide access to water to villagers.
Ecology movement Ibar
Reconstructing facilities near the riverbank.
Association of people with muscular dystrophy
Advocating with local authorities to provide a space for all organizations for people with disability in Niš.
A campaign for better conditions for children that are involved in skating in Belgrade.
Roma centre
Working with local authorities and the Roma community to establish a Commission that would ensure equal access to education forRoma children.
Centre for development of civil resources
Supporting young people to practice skills learned in civic education classes and additional support in attracting local contributions.
Advocating for changes in tax regulations for non-profi t organizations.
Association for mentally disabled people help
Encouraging employment and self-employment of people with mental disabilities through education and the founding of a copy center.
Association for mentally disabled people help
Organizing integrative creative workshops with both mentally disabled children and children from primary schools in Trstenik and organizing an exhibition to sell their work.
Association for development
Advocating for healthier water resources in the community of Majdanpek and reconstructing two public fountains.
Leskovac circle
A campaign to redefi ne the administrative status of Leskovac community and decentralize the Municipality
The Cult
A Campaign to redefi ne the administrative status of the Grdelica community and decentralize the Leskovac Municipality.
Providing voluntary services for elderly who are ill and/or live without family and working with institutions to provide regular services. Additional support provided in attracting local contributions.
Informal group Green spring
Organizing a voluntary action to clean illegal dumps and making a contract with the local authority for a long term solution to ecological problems in Dubnica.
Zaječar 019
A campaign to improve school yards in Zaječar schools.
Art link
Providing an opportunity for talented young artists to perform in public.


Active Communities Montenegro 2006

Amount (EUR)
Bona Fides
Creating a youth policy and activating youth, the local community and representatives of local institutions through a series of debates.
Association of young ecologists
Improvoffi ng the environment and raising ecology awareness through cleaning actions and a media campaign.
Association for the development of civil society
Bijelo Polje
Opening a discussion on citizen’s participation in decision making by informing citizens about the possibilities in the Law on Local Self-government and working with citizens to defi ne problems and start civic initiatives.
Bjelasica and Komovi group of friends
Improving the environment and raising ecology awareness about soil erosion.


Active Communities 2005

Amount (din)
Integration of children with disabilities through work on theatre play, public exhibition of children’s work and establishing cooperation with local institutions (school, nurseries).
Novi Sad
Revival of town life through a photo exhibition of life in Old Novi Sad, a philanthropy development activity and by linking young people and the elderly.
Association of Roma Youth
Reduction of prejudices against Roma by organising public discussion and events to celebrate World Roma day.
Scout squad Josif Pančić
Encouragement of young people to take an active role in keeping their schools and workspace clean by cleaning school walls and removing graffiti.
Improvement of the quality of life of the elderly through painting workshops, opportunities for socialising, exhibits and awards.
Integration of people with disabilities through art workshops with people without disabilities, a sales exhibition of their handicrafts in an art gallery and on the city square and by organising a joint celebration.
Kosmaj Scout Squad
Reconstruction of a children’s playground by organising the collection of old paper and educating children about the importance of recycling.
Sveta Ana
Revival of village spirit by organising a cleaning action inthe village cemetery, sports tournaments and an ethno- festival.
Informal group
Activities to encourage the active integration of children with disabilities into the local community.
Scout Squad Remizijana
Bela Palanka
Promotion of voluntarism by activating young people to volunteer in cleaning the bank of a local river.
Informal group
Reconstruction of public spaces (a bus stop and the village centre) through a variety of activities.
Daraži fok

Involvement of people in a cleaning action and rearrangement of a weekend settlement near the Danube.

Friends of the Children
Integration of Roma children by organising common activities for children of different nationalities living in Tutin (Roma, Serbian, Bosniac).
Ecological Movement
Organisation of a campaign to eliminate the ambrosia weed through a public meeting, educational workshops for school children and weed remova.
School of visual communication
A joint mural painting activity of young artists of Serbian and Bulgarian nationality as a way of creating a visual identity for the city of Dimitrovgrad.
Toplice and Roma Association
Organisation of common activities—art workshops and quizzes—for Roma and Serbian children from two nurseries and installation of a playground in a Roma nursery.
Youth organisation
Bačko Petrovo selo
Organisation of the Open Your Mind festival , which included a voluntary cleaning action, concerts, creative workshops and sports tournaments.
Enhancement of the social life of people with disabilities through the construction of a ramp at the Culture Centre, a theatre performance and an art exhibition.
Organisation of the fi rst Belgrade Art Summer School.
Vranjska banja
Promotion of healthy lifestyles through lectures and sports tournaments for young people in Vranjska Banja and through the reconstruction of a local sports field.
Association of Roma Solidarity
Organisation of an action for the removal of garbage dumps in the Roma settlement.
Association of People with Cerebral and Children’s Palsy
Integration of people with disabilities through a campaign to raise awareness and mark special parking places for them.
Association of women
Revival of village spirit in an ethnically mixed village by organising a presentation of traditional weddings and collecting old documentation and photographs.
“Green” Ecological Movement
Bački Petrovac
Promotion of a healthy way of life through a campaign to revitalize the centre of Bački Petrovac.
Raising awareness of the struggle against prejudice among pupils in primary schools through workshops on animated fi lms and serials in 6 primary schools in Vranje.
Youth Initiatives of Srem
Sremska Mitrovica
Collecting books for three rural schools in order to establish school libraries.

“Birchwood” Ecological Movement

A campaign to clean the river and clear the river banks and riverbed of waste materials.
Nonformal group Sparks
Stimulation of young people towards self-initiative and activism through a campaign of whitewashing graffi ti, improving a school park and a fi ne arts competition.
Club 21
Organisation of a programme for youth at risk of minor delinquency.
Building a summer classroom for children with special needs.


2005- Active Communities Montenegro

Amount (EUR)
Youth Centre Podgorica
Encouragement of young people to take an active role in keeping their schools and workspace clean by cleaning school walls and removing graffiti.
Ecology Association
Encouraging the local community to protect the National Park “ Skadar Lake” through cleaning actions done by pupils of different nationalities (Serbian and Albanian) from two neighbouring schools.
School of visual communication
A joint mural painting activity of young artists of Serbian and Bulgarian nationality as a way of creating a visual identity for the city of Dimitrovgrad.
SOS hotline for women and children
Bijelo Polje
Providing education about women’s human rights and a campaign for members of the community to take part in solving the problem of domestic violence.


2004- Active Communities

Amount (EUR)

Association for Advanced 
Research - ARA



Activating citizens in environmental protection and reconstruction of a park in Umka.




Organisation of a children's music festival to stimulate and link children from different social and ethnic backgrounds.

NGO Association of Creators of Palanka `Stanoje Glavas’

Smederevska Palanka


Support foryouth  by organising a art colony for children, painting exhibitions, literature and music events.

Scout Squad ‘Majdanpek Squad’

Improvement of the environment in Majdanpek through clean-up activities, registering illegal garbage heaps and a media campaign.



Psychosocial support for children hospitalised in in-patient clinic to overcome trauma.

Dunavski venac



Increasing citizen's participation in decision-making in the local authorities to solve various problems facing suburban Belgrade municipalities.



Organisation of a traditional Ivanjdan celebration lnking youth and the elderly and enhancing the feeling of community between inhabitants.



Organisation of a traditional Ivanjdan celebration lnking youth and the elderly and enhancing the feeling of community between inhabitants.

Association of Citizens Backo Petrovo Selo

Bačko Petrovo Selo

Supporting integration of the Roma population in the community and improving their position.



Campaign and workshops with people from the community, includingbusinesses and authorities, about the possibilities of producing and using herbs as medication – and creating a base for sustainable development in a rural area around Krusevac.

Mitrovacke kockice

Sremska Mitrovica

Establishing a show for youth and children  on the local radio station.

Beau Green


Reconstructing a playground around a school for boarders in Nis.

Children's Knowledge

Novi Sad


Improved relations among Serbian, Hungarian and Roma children through creative workshops and interactive learning programmes.




Organising an activity in Sandzak during the international campaign "16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women".

Paraplegicari Macve


Reducing prejudices about people with disabilities through work with pupils in school, the distribution of leaflets and a media presentation on the problems that people with disabilities face in Sabac.

Roma Centre



Involving Roma children in the regular education process through work with families and the Center for Social Work.

Power of the Village



Reconstruction of existing green area into an eco-park 




Activating young people to take part in art/cultural and other activities though events of various sorts.




Celebrating Human Rights Day (December 10th) through street events.


Novi Sad

Strengthening and promoting the rights of people with different sexual orientations through a play, workshops and sports activities for homosexual women.

ACT Women


An interactive street performance on Human Rights Day to highlight the problem of violence against women.


2004- Active Communities Montenegro

Amount (EUR)

Green Team



Education and motivation of youth in environmental workshops through a media campaign, learning, organising youth and implementing mini-ecological projects.

Montenegro Youth Centre


Cleaning and reconstructing a children’s playground in the heart of Podgorica that was previously  used as an illegal car-park.



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