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Centrifuge 2013

Amount (EUR)
„Mikro art"
Education of young people to map and occupy abandoned and unused public space for artistic intervention, along with three spatial workshops in Kragujevac, Šabac and Sombor and consultation and support on field for all stakeholders who need more public space and  who have an idea on how to make better use of abandoned places.
“Danube Cultural Network”
Stara Pazova
Improvement of cultural life and the initiative for park through a variety of artistic workshops and tree planting, with coordination of the youth and participation of citizens of different age from three villages Banovci-Danube. 
Organization of standup comedy evening, giving the opportunity to young unrecognized artists of this genre to perform. Due to great interest of amateur participants and visitors, standup evenings have been continued after project completion.
Informal Group “Kombinart”
The group organized an open gallery on the streets of Šabac. For this purpose, the competition was previously announced and young artists from this city, submitted more than 400 works, in the form of photography of all kinds of art. The best work was exhibited on the central billboard in the city, and the remaining 14 works were exhibited during fall on two open exhibitions on billboards throughout the city. A brochure was published as well, and with this kind of work the group has attracted the attention of the citizens, and one local community offered free space for the implementation of their activities
Association of Cerebral and Infantile Paralysis  Užice 2,201.04
Mural painting on the wall of the Association for Cerebral and Infantile Paralysis, which was preceded by art workshops with participation of young people from the Association and students from High School of Arts. Thanks to the contribution of enterprises which responded to the action, the Association has sucedded to allocate part of the funds for painting of interior walls of their premises, in cooperation with the school.
Informal Group „Hcolibri"
Within the project “Reconstruction”, a documentary about the history of rock in Požega was filmed, concerts and DJ performances were organized, and fanzine was published to motivate young people to pay more attention to this kind of music. The authors of all events were young people from this city. 
Informal Group „C6H6 kids"
Mural painting and graffiti workshop on the motive which was selected by other organizations from Pančevo that deal with young people. Simultaneously with mural painting in the centre of Pančevo, on the same location, other organizations presented their programs and motivated young people to become socially engaged. 
Youth Association
Relocation of cultural and artistic events in public spaces of Krusevac, which are underused. Most of the program was scheduled to take place in the city park, but the group received an offer from the City and the Serbian Army to temporarily use abandoned Home of the Army, and therefore to activate this space for different types of events. The Group has received an offer from the district prison to bring art closer to the inmates through an exhibition and movie projection, and the “unlocking” of the city continues in 2014 as well.
„Studio 5" Sombor 4,011.06
Reviving public space “Sokak” through the creative work of artists and gallery exhibitions, musical events and workshops in cooperation with young artists from Sombor and with the assistance of artists from Belgrade in the painting of the space, which in this way acquires the status of informal cultural center. 

Centrifuge 2012

Amount (EUR)
Informal group “Trace on the Road”
The aim of the project was the popularization of literature and music, and the active involvement of young people from the local community in the processes of creation and presentation of contemporary art by conducting interactive creative writing workshops, modern interpretations of contemporary poetry through their relation with rock and hip hop music, and by organizing public readings of the poetry.
Association “Lighthouse”
The aim of the project was to revive the public space, Jagodina promenade, through numerous youth-run cultural and artistic activities, which have transformed this space into the Arts Boulevard (a mixture of traditional art values and modern urban culture). Evenings that featured street musicians and painters, street photography, DJ music and mural painting were organized.
Ecology Association “Band”
A festival combining ecology, culture and sports in a specific manner was organized. Festival activities included photo and art competitions with a focus on recycling, which were followed by an exhibition, an extreme sports competition, and the collection of recyclable materials with rewards for the most successful collector.
Inter-ethnic Youth Alliance
Novi Pazar
“Cultural Days” were organized in the Old Fortress in Novi Pazar. The aim of this project, which lasted for several months, was to revive the cultural scene of Novi Pazar, to empower young people with regards to their creative ideas and to become the pillars of cultural life in this community. Another aim of the project was to mobilize young people to use the Old Fortress, which was renovated through the Bank Intesa competition, in a creative way. Planned activities included: photography workshops, performances, concerts, exhibitions, activities for the youngest, cleaning and renovating the space around the Old Fortress, movie projection as well as printing publications related to these activities.
Informal group of architects
The aim of the project was to install an urban outdoor furniture in the atrium of a high school, with the active participation of young people.
Organization for the alternative culture “Transform”
The aim of the project was to create a platform to connect young people interested in creativity, local artists, cultural institutions and other citizens through workshops teaching youth to express themselves through various creative means (e.g. creative writing, stencil art, decorative art). In addition, the project included a final exhibition, multimedia events, round table and street performances aiming to promote project activities.
Informal group “C6H6 Kids”
Experienced young graffiti artists organized workshops in graffiti making and street art for their peers. Several images encouraging environmentally friendly behaviors were painted in the city. The project was concluded with the organization of final event related to graffiti making.
“Micro Art”
The aim of the project was to educate young people to map and take up abandoned and unused public space for artistic interventions.

Centrifuge 2011

Amount (EUR)
Informal Group „Generator, Anomaly and Party”
The project aims at the transposition of art into public space through spatial and video installations and photos submitted for the competition which will be used to form stop-motion installations and frame the scenes and events in public space.
Association „Positive Youth”
The objective of the project was to organize juggling performances, preceded by a juggling workshop, in cooperation with Circus Fair and with 
the participation of young people from Kraljevo. A film projection and the performance of local rock bands were organized within the framework of the project.
Informal Group „Urban Youth”
Novi Pazar
The objective of the project is the organization of short film competition, recorded by photo camera or mobile phone on the topic of interculturality. The competition was accompanied by movie projections and panel discussions.
Cultural Center “LIFT”
The objective of the project was to organize youth poetry workshops, followed by connecting the most successful poets with young artists in the field other media. Their artwork has been inspired by the poetry. The first festival "Pesničenje" in Čačak , as well as the concerts of country music authors, were organized within the framework of the project.
Association “Vido”
The objective of the project was to organize multimedia event "Mediocracy", consisting of lectures based on media archaeology and the analysis of media 
influence with focus on the 90-ies in Serbia. The event was accompanied by appropriate music program, i.e. performance of local bands, DJs and other guest musicians.
Association “Eco Voice”
In cooperation with other organizations from Jagodina,  “Eko Glas” realized a youth festival "Our vision of  urban future".  Every activity of the festival was organized in a public space in the form of performance art. Different festival category (graffiti drawing, painting, musical interpretation, hip-hop, photography) has been presented every weekend.
Association “Stairs”
The objective of the project is the development of visual installations, graffiti and murals painting, as well as the organization of a series of lectures on the topic "The Culture of Remembrance: A city in 20 pictures."
Informal Group “Danube Cultural Network”
Novi Banovci
The objective of the project was to organize the Days of Culture in Banovci, consisting of contemporary dance workshops, audio-video montage workshops, 
visual arts and environmental workshops for young people, as well as workshops on making spears and pottery replicas. The results of the workshops were presented on the exhibition at the local cultural centre.

Centrifuge 2010

Amount (EUR)
Kikinda’s Youth Initiative
Starting the Theatre Festival using the form of forum theater with workshops for young people.
Sport Society for Children and Youth with Special Needs “Palestra”
Musical titled Wonderland - a joint project of young people with and without disabilities with the help of and in cooperation 
with famous actors of Kruševac.
Cultural center “Lift”
Initiating a one-day festival in order to activate young people through series of competitions in which the amateurs, who are 
involved in cultural creativity as a hobby and trained artists participate.
Non-formal Group “Planet Film”
Through VJ-ing as a modern means of communication, and promotion of the ideas aimed at young people, the group seeks 
to draw attention to the problems of the increasing influence of low-quality programmes and contents in the media in Požega.
Center of creative ideas “Creativia”
The idea of project is to encourage alternative work of muralist artists, youth photographers, designers and other artists 
whose art wasn’t appropriately received in the community, and who are, through this project, encouraged to represent to the community their art in drawing murals on the walls throughout the city, through public exhibitions, stickers, labels, photos, creative workshops, all with the approval of local government.
Strengthening Centre „24“
The event "Days of Art - Days of tolerance" enables young people, through their own artistic expression, to contribute to the 
creation of environment which is tolerant and sensitive, to the differences that exist between them. Based on the methodologies of "Theatre of the Oppressed" and "Living Library", the technique of non-violent communication and non-violent means of overcoming problems is developed by dealing with stereotypes and prejudices in a creative way.
Non-formal art group “Crna mrlja”
By creating a comic strip (mural), which will be placed on the removable boards on the façade of the Culture Centre of Valjevo,
a step towards the ninth art was made, since this idea has not been presented enough until now. In addition to the mural, an organization of demo bands concert has been planned as well as the exhibition of drawings, comics and illustrations by young authors from Valjevo, and the projection of video materials related to comics, cartoons and mural painting.


Centrifuge 2009

Amount (EUR)
“Through Factories’ Windows”
Organizing a theater performance on the topic of past times and the experiences of the elderly, which includes the young and encourages their activism in their community.
“Eco Voice” Jagodina
Organizing performances which include the young, and which have been created for the young. The subject of the project was the fight against drugs through creative forms.
Informal youth group “Spring time”
Organizing a hip hop festival which will include famous musicians as well as the children with Down syndrome.
Club “Seven”
Gathering and affirming young artists who by combining various specific forms of artistic expression create original literary, artistic, stage and music works which may attract the attention of the youth.
“The Good People”
Improving cultural content for the youth, maintaining cooperation and cultural activism of the youth, and sensitization of the public on the needs and problems of the young people in the local community, including the marginalized groups of people.
Informal group “Creativia”
Realizing a music festival with performers of different music forms, so that the young may take an active participation in creating the cultural scene of the city.
“Shakespearean Children”
Organizing “A Little School of Documentary Film” and after that a mini youth film festival.
Informal group“The Firm”
Novi Pazar
Organizing a rock and hip hop music festival in order to promote new bands who are yet to be affirmed.


Centrifuge 2008

Amount (EUR)
Informal group Džamks
Organization of a number of events (concerts and educational days) to promote of Roma culture.
Shakespeare’s children
Initiating first youth radio show for youth in Užice and organization of a summer school of journalism.
Initiative of youth from Srem
Sremska Mitrovica
Organization of a number of cultural activities for youth within summer events at the Sava river.
Association for inclusion of people with a disability
Festival of youth art and theatre creative work for youth with and without disabilities.
Informal group Change the future
Affirmation of young artists through music festival, which included different types of music, from classic music to jazz.
Multimedia club Izgradnja
Organization of creative workshops for youth (poetry, cartoons, music) and making a publication for presenting youth creative work.
Creative group Children’s land
Multimedia exhibition of photographs made by blind and sight impaired youth with assistance of their mates with normal sight.
Second installment for the grant in 2007.


Centrifuge 2007

Amount (EUR)
Informal group Sopče
Organising a three-day marathon involving three media: theatre, film and radio.
Informal group Undergrad
Initiating the Izgradnja video and alternative film festival during which the films of young authors will be produced in workshops and shown.
Pogon (Power)
Organizing a number of activities (photo-video workshops, comic workshops, films and videos exhibitions and presentations by art groups to revive the Subhaus alternative youth space.
Rafinerija (Refinery)
Presenting the cultural works of young artists in literature, art, digital photography and music through workshops, exhibitions and presentations.
Informal group A86+
Organising a youth amateur film festival with the aim to establish it as an annual town event supported by local authorities and institutions.



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