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Promising Philanthropy and Fundraising Practices

Promising Philanthropy and Fundraising Practices 2014



Amount (RSD)
Proactive * Niš 2,568,141.00
The aim of the project is the founding of business incubator for young people working in creative industries, IT and internet. The business incubator would provide the space, advice and management services. The organisation plans to fundraise through addressing companies and prominent individuals in Nis. After establishing the business incubator would generate income through rent and become sustainable.
Center for youth integration * Belgrade 2,835.561,00
The organisation would like to work on longterm sustainability of their social service of drop in centre for street  children. They plan to fundraise from individuals and companies by offering them to become members of the Club of friends of Drop . Part of the fundraised means will be used for opening a charity second hand shop which will generate income for the service, and the other part will be allocated for the shop directly.
Center for palliative care and palliative medicine "Belhospice" * Belgrade 2,654,595.00
The organisation has an aim to fundraise for the longterm sustainability of service of  hospice care for terminally ill persons. They would like to develop an innovative crowdfunding platform, as well as to improve their sponsored  race fundraising through Belgrade marathon.
Equestrian club Aranđelovac * Aranđelovac 2,835,924.00
The association has been founded in 2008 and they implement various activities in the community connected to equiestrian sport and equine therapy etc. They wish to achieve their longterm sustainability by applying different kinf of fundraising techniques for individuals and companies. The fundraised meanst will be used for food for horses and one part to help poor families in community to generate income through organic farming.
Serbia on the move  * Belgrade 683,170.00
The organisation plans to fundraise for their longterm project Factory  of change. They would focus their fundraising efforts on production of innovative product/ the chocolate of change that would contain stickers of famous activists . They plan to sell the chocolate to companies to use them as promotional gifts.

* final payment for grant approved and issued in previous reporting period



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