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Social Care Reform Initiative

Social Care Reform Initiative 2014



Amount (RSD)
Roma Association Novi Becej Novi Bečej 945,072.80
Bringing Decision on providing service of SOS phone in languages of national minorities, at Municipality Novi Becej.
Local civic initiatives LOGIN Arilje 827,698.13
Decision brought by Municipal Council on beginning creation of local Strategy of social care services for Arilje Municipality, until December 31, 2014. 
Association for support MNRO Brus Brus 886,005.75
Influence on Assembly of Brus Municipality, on introducing service of Day Care Center for children with disabilities in 2015, and by that providing sustainability of the service, until the end of 2014. 
Association "ToGather" for assistance to persons with psychophisical disabilities Subotica 905,835.4
Influence on Assembly of Subotica City to bring decision on providing housing unit for providing service of Living with support for persons with disabilities and allocating 300.000,00 RSD for training a team for this service.
Association for cerebral palsy, polio and plegia Pozega Požega 1,012,578.00
Decision brought by Assembly of Pozega Municipality, on allocating  2.300.000,00 RSD from local budget, for 5 Personal Assistants, within 10 months.
Citizens association Luznica craftworks "Women's Ethno Village" Gorčinci, Babušnica 927,099.54
Decision of Assembly of Babusnica Municipality, on allocating 2.000.000,00 RSD from local budget, from 090 function, for extending service Home care for elderly in rural areas, until end of 2014.
Association of citizens "New Day" Belgrade 816,812.92
Amendment of the Regulation on the rights and social care services of the City of Belgrade, by introduction of home service of Home care for children with disabilities defined by the Rulebook on the minimum of standards of social care services.
Association of Citizens Amity Belgrade 835,376.85
Amendment of the Regulation on the rights and social care services of the City of Belgrade, by Assembly of City of Belgrade, until end of 2014, by introducing service of Day center for elderly (over 65 years) with dementia.
Jelek Belgrade 867,745.59
Decision of president of Grocka Municipality (City council) on creating Strategy plan of development of social care 2015-2018, at Grocka Municipality.
Women's forum Mali Idjos Mali Iđoš 991,482.63
Decision brought by Assembly of Mali Idjos Municipality to use funds from local budget for 2014 intended for service of Home care for elderly, for service provided to elderly in rural areas and decision on financing service of Home care for 2015, as separate budget line. 
Center for civil society development  Zrenjanin 793,186.10
Decision of Assembly of Zrenjanin City to allocate 4.000.000,00 RSD from budget for 2015, for providing service personal accompanists for children with disabilities.



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