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Social Services and Social Entrepreneurship Grants

Social Services and Social Enterpreneurship Grants 2014



Amount (RSD)
Udruženje "Duga" * Šabac 1,143,728.10
The Assocaition is planing to build hostel which will ensure the sustainability and improvement of health / social services for LGBP population they provide jobs for their beneficiaries who are unemployed.
Association for support to persons with developmental disorders “Our house” * Belgrade 2,287,456.20
The project has a double impact in terms of addressing problems of several vulnerable groups and has connected partners from all three sectors around solving the issues these people face. The project is oriented to three pillars: improving basic conditions for the service by equipping and reconstruction of the premise; support to beneficiaries  for independent work and living and introduction of the model to the citizens.
Atina * Belgrade 2,145,409.85
"Project activity plan involves: development of training program for employees in the social welfare system according to the standards set by the Republic Institute for Social Protection; implementation of pilot training for 20 professionals; applying the training program to the Department of Social Welfare on Accreditation and providing long-term support to victims of trafficking.
Half way * Pančevo 820,990.98
In order to improve quality of Supported housing service and thus meet the necessary conditions and  requirement for official accreditation  the Association will provide licensed training for professionals and staff engaged in service provision (a special education teacher, social worker, psychologist, personal assistants). This training program develops general and specific competences (knowledge and skills) necessary for the establishment and operation of service in the local community. In parallel, for the purpose of the service, the Association will fully equipped the apartment.
Sandzak Committee for Protection of Human Rights and Freedom * Novi Pazar 337,365.80
Project activities are focused on building skills, knowledge and confidence of women employed in Cooperative for the hand production of wool fabrics and towards lobbing the local government to provide facilities for the Cooperative. In parallel, the association will help Cooperative in branding their products and promotion on local market.

* final payment for grant approved and issued in previous reporting period



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