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Successful Fundraising

Successful Fundraising 2014



Amount (RSD)
Youth association Kruševac 210,987.00
With this project they plan to fundraise for organisation of AJDE festival that they organise each year.
Society for environmental protection "Stara Planina" Pirot 211,562.00
 They fundraise for renewing eco tourist paths.
Citizens' Association "Here is the Hand" Belgrade 450,512.00
They plan to fundraise for program activities of the center.
Society for Ecology and Rural Development of Mokrin Devet Grla Mokrin, Kikinda 240,576.00
The aim of this project is the building of recreational and picnic area in Mokrin.
Serbian-Jewish Choir Association Belgrade 480,471.00
With this project they plan to continue the public classes in schools on holocaust.
Association "Eko-dvoriste" Belgrade 495,245.00
They plan to fundraise for community centre which will be used as resource center for flood relief hosting volunteers and providing offices for organizing relief. In the long run, the organization intends to use the facilities for the original plan – eco cultural center.
PATOS (Moving Alternative Youth Theater Smederevo) Smederevo 495,079.00
The aim of the project is to improve the festival of alternative theatre Patosofiranje due to its 10th edition.
Association MNRO Zvezdara Belgrade 386,965.00
With this project the association would like to expand the service of daycare for persons with intellectual disabilities.
Citizens' association "Jerinin Grad" Trstenik 495,466.00
They plan to fundraise for building of the replica of medieval bridge that would be accessible to persons with disability.
Citizens Association "RROMA- ROTA" Kikinda Kikinda 486,122.00
The aim of the project is the realisation of the School of Joy that would provide support to preschool and school children in learning and overcoming language obstacles.
Association for Protection breeding and researching of Animals Niš 456,214.00
With this project they would like to advance the work of the association through procurement of necessary equipment.

Successful Fundraising 2013

Amount (EUR)
The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for the organization of the first conference for SEO optimization, which would help young people to acquire the skills for self-promotion and employment. In addition to the conference, it is planned to organize training and a competition in this field.
Paraplegic Association of Banat
The aim of the project is to address the problems related to the mobility of persons with disabilities, and to raise funds for the purchase of orthopedic aids for those who cannot afford it, as well as to adapt the vehicle for easy transport of these persons. Fundraising activities have included the organization of events and charity actions in different hospitality facilities, as well as the organization of collecting cups and cans and the income from these activities is invested in the project.
“Let Us Be Together”
 “Find the time, do not lose your life” is the slogan of a campaign launched to raise awareness of women about the importance of preventive and regular examinations as a way of staying healthy. The plan of the Organization included raising funds by organizing fundraising events and setting up charity boxes in cooperation with pharmacies, clinics, beauty salons. Through the campaign, the members of the association addressed pharmaceutical companies which might be interested in this topic.
“Eco Glas Jagodina"
The aim of the project is to set up two recycling yards and educational boards in Kolare village, near Jagodina, which doesn't have waste collection system and to establish a permanent waste collection system in this area in cooperation with private utility company PWW. The plan also included fundraising from individuals at various events, with the help of volunteers. In addition, the representatives of the Association asked for the donation from several companies, by using personal contacts and organizing meetings.
“Mikro art”
The aim of the project is to provide for continuous artistic production and to organize the exhibition of works of young artists at Street Gallery. The plan for fundraising was to use the gallery to address nearby companies, as well as to raise funds by using personal contacts. 
This project aims to improve the activities of psycho-social empowerment of the beneficiaries and users of psychiatric services in the community, active work on the re-socialization and their economic empowerment by organizing art-therapy workshops and sales exhibitions. For the purpose of fundraising, the representatives of the Association have organized a mini-campaign to promote their work through social networks, distribution of promotional materials and a variety of events, exhibitions, etc.
“Green Circle”
Bački Petrovac
The aim of the project is to green schoolyards by planting trees in primary schools in Bački Petrovac, as well as to educate the children on how to take care of planted trees in the future. The fundraising plan included the organization of art colony with artists from Petrovac, selling of paintings, charity events, animating the members of the Municipality to donate, etc. By sending letters and organizing meetings, and inviting the representatives of banks at the sales exhibition, local companies were asked to donate funds.
Association for Local Development Kamenica
 The organization has raised funds in order to build an inclusive park in Niš with exercise equipment, giving the opportunity to all citizens to exercise and recreate, and it is adapted for people with disabilities and the elderly. After a successful fundraising campaign, the project has been supported by NIS and local entrepreneurs from Niš.
“Half Way There”
 The aim of the project is to organize the activities for economic empowerment of the beneficiaries by establishing center for work, and purchasing the machine for the production of cardboard boxes and other cardboard products and training the beneficiaries to operate the machine, and by organizing the sale of products to local businesses. The plan for fundraising included fundraising from individuals through membership fees, donations from friends, organizing events, as well as addressing a great number of small and large local enterprises. 
Association for the Care of Timočka krajina Animals “BETA
The aim of the project is chipping, vaccination and sterilization of 300 owned dogs in the territory of four villages of the Municipality of Zaječar. The plan for fundraising included fundraising from individuals, street fundraising on market days, setting up a stand at the fair of second hand clothes and organizing parties and, in addition, addressing small and large businesses in the city and villages.

Successful Fundraising 2012

Amount (EUR)
Association for Help to Persons with Intellectual Disability “Novi Pazar”
Novi Pazar
Association for Help to Persons with Intellectual Disability Novi Pazar has been raising funds for the finalization of construction on the Regional Centre for Day Care and Work Empowerment of the Persons with Developmental Challenges. By organizing charity parties, theatre performances, street events, spiritual music events, commercial exhibitions and other activities, RSD 1.225,056.00 was collected.
Environmental movement “Moravski orasak”
“Moravski orasak” successfully raised funds to build a summer environmental classroom in “Rade Dodić” elementary school in Milutovac. RSD 410,184 has been collected from individual donors, firstly at school from the staff and parents of the pupils, then by way of a donor dinner, meetings with companies, etc.
SOS Women's Center
Novi Sad
During fundraising, SOS Women's Center has organized numerous activities, such as street actions, humanitarian concerts, several live music performances and cocktail parties, and collected RSD 397,170. The organization has received considerable support from entrepreneurs, famous artists, journalists, as well as citizens, who gave the greatest contribution. All raised funds were used to improve conditions and increase technical capacities of the premises where psychological as well as legal, emotional and informational support have been provided for people who are victims of violence.
"In the Family Circle"/Association of Experts for Support of Children and Family “FICE Serbia”
The members of the association have focused on raising funds in their local communities and gained great support in Belgrade, Pančevo and Novi Sad, mostly from their neighbors and friends joined by the members of the Water Polo Association of Serbia and local entrepreneurs. The organization raised funds in the amount of RSD 566,094, which were used for family conferences, a new model in Serbia that aims to resolve problems within family environments.
The association has launched a fundraising campaign to build Activism Square in Niš. The first donors were the members of the association themselves, who donated a percentage of their own salaries to serve as an example, inviting the general public to join them. Considerable donations were received from local businesses, their long-term partners and associates raising RSD 404,950. Once program activities are successfully implemented, the association will continue raising funds for the construction of the square.
Citizens’ Association “”
Novi Sad
During fundraising, “CK 13” has organized various activities, such as weaving and wool processing workshops, humanitarian poetry night, crafts bazaar, auction etc. Inside Youth Center premises they installed fundraising boxes, and a part of the income coming from drinks sales in the coffee shop and meals sales in the soup kitchen was allocated for the campaign so that RSD 100,570 was collected. All funds raised have been used for the Caravan of Women's Creative Space and promotion of women's entrepreneurship.
Kikinda Youth Initiative
.The organization has been raising funds for equipping the very first Youth Center in Kikinda, the premises of which were provided to young people by Kikinda Municipality. Young people were dedicated to collecting funds so they have organized a number of street actions were they have been selling cookies, coffee and tea, jewelry, hats and shawls which they made themselves. They have also gathered funds through canvassing and received significant support from citizens, having raised RSD 268,700.

Successful Fundraising 2011

Amount (EUR)
Association “SOS Women's Centre”
Novi Sad
The main objective of the project is to improve the technical capacity of the organization in order to increase overall capacity and improve work with women, victims of violence who refer to the Centre.
Ecological movement “Moravski orašak”
The organization plans to raise funds for the reconstruction of the summer classroom for elementary school in Trstenik. Such action would enable environmental activities, as well as the engagement of the community.
Association for Help to Persons with Intelectual Disability Novi Pazar
Novi Pazar
The organization deals with the problem of people with disabilities that do not have access to social protection services in the territory of Tutin, Sjenica, Novi Pazar and Raška. The finalization of construction works on the facility for day care centre has been planned for as well.
Association “Proactive”
The organization has developed an action plan for the refurbishment of the city square in Niš, dedicated to the 
idea of positive citizen activism. The main goal is to engage the citizens and raise awareness about important issues of everyday life, and to contribute to a better understanding and quality of life in the local community.
Kikinda Youth Initiative
The organization plans to raise funds for the facility that will be used as a Youth club, opening in that way more opportunities for the organization’s activities within the diversification program.
Citizens’ Association “Youth Center CK13”
Novi Sad
Funds will be raised for the space in the centre where the women would sell their handicrafts. The main objective is to use the space for permanent sales exhibition thus initiating social entrepreneurship.
Professional Association for Support To children and Families “FICE Serbia”
The organization has decided to work on the introduction and implementation of a new social service - family conference. The project is based on three pillars – model promotion, the accreditation process and familiarizing citizens with the model.



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