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Urgent Grants

Urgent Grants 2014



Amount (RSD)
Citizens' Association "Spark" Loznica 34,000.00
“Spark” association's volunteers participated in disinfection of 167 rural households,  auxiliary premises and yards in Banja Koviljaca and villages Jelava and Lipnicki Sor. To support this action, Trag provided urgent grant for procurement of motor pumps for disinfection.
Citizens' association "Jerinin Grad" Trstenik 87,052.00
Association has received grant for the purchase of shovels, gloves, boots and wheelbarrows in voluntary action for removing sludge, when machines and vehicles could not pass through Grabovac streets. Volunteers of the association, together with citizens, succeeded to organize flood defense and help delivery. Together with Trag Foundation, CRTA, Cultural Center REX, Faculty for Security and New Belgrade Sports Hall, they have sent the truck with over 2 tons of food, clothes, hygienic products for women and children.
Association „ECOBIKE“ Krupanj 35,000.00
Association has received grant for the purchase of shovels, gloves and boots for voluntary action of remediation and disinfection in households after a floods in Krupanj.
Association "Duga" (Rainbow) Šabac 235,000.00
Members of “Rainbow” association from Sabac have spent days in the field, transported and delivered the most important necessities to people in flood affected areas: Sabac, Krupanj, Osecina, Bogatic, Ljubovija and Obrenovac. Trag donated funds for the Association  for purchasing and distributing humanitarian assistance and for the program of psychological support to children and elderly citizens in municipalities Krupanj and Osecina.
Citizens Association "Subjel" Kosjerić 30,000.00
Funds provided through this urgent grant were used for the purchase of shovels, gloves, boots and wheelbarrows for emergency assistance, rehabilitation and disinfection in rural and elderly households after the flood.
Scouts Squad „Bajina Basta“ Bajina Bašta 44,000.00
Support to Scouts Squad to purchase boots, wheelbarrows, shovels, gloves and other equipment for the needs of clearing action. 50 volunteers of Scouts Squad “Bajina Basta” were engaged in rescuing houses affected by landslide debris, that couldn't be accessed by heavy machinery. They also worked on clearing local village road in order to prevent further land sliding that could lead to 4 villages being cut off from Bajina Basta. Scouts squad, in coordination with Crisis headquarters of Bajina Basta municipality, had visited communities of remote villages: Bacevce, Gvozdac, Rogacica, Ovcinja, Pilica, Dobrotin and Visesava and delivered basic necessities to flood affected citizens.
Women's Association of Kolubara District Veliki Crljeni, Lazarevac 136,250.00
Association has received grant for the purchase of disinfection instruments, shovels, gloves, tools and cleaning products for rehabilitation of seven households that were in the most difficult position after the floods.  Funds were also provided for procurement of building material, while constructors  donated their work for free.
Association "Eko-dvoriste" Obrenovac 320,000.00
Support to community organization to purchase tools and cleaning equipment (boots, wheelbarrows, shovels, gloves...) needed for action of cleaning 70 family houses.  Volunteers of this association work for weeks on cleaning homes of fellow citizens, especially elderly.

Urgent Grants 2012

Amount (EUR)
Association for Local Development “Kamenica”
The activists of this association distributed 120 aid packages to the most vulnerable families in villages on the slopes of the Homolje mountains. Using SUVs they were breaking snowdrifts in order to reach imperiled citizens in villages Izvor, Niševac, Plužina, Crnoljevica, Manojlica, Burdimo, Tijovac and Bučum.
Citizens’ Association “Lužnica craft works – W.E.V. (Women Ethno Village)”
The members of the association in cooperation with the association “Freestyler” from Belgrade have visited the most remote villages in the Babušnica municipality where elderly and sick villagers live for months without any contact with civilization. Due to inaccessible terrain and massive snowdrifts, activists were delivering aid packages mostly on foot with the use of mountaineering equipment. The activists distributed over 50 aid packages with food and hygienic products to villagers of Studena, Presek, Crvena jabuka, Rakov dol and Radošinj.
Roma Association “Rumunka” Bački Monoštor 461,85
The activists of the association have been helping the vulnerable Roma population in their municipality by distributing packages with basic provisions and procuring fuel. More than 35 packages were distributed to the elderly who live alone in frail houses, without basic living conditions.
Citizens’ Association Scout Squad “Bajina Basta” Bajina Bašta 369,48
The activists sent 20 aid packages to imperiled villagers of Zaovine who were cut off from access to necessary resources due to massive snowfalls. In cooperation with local crisis headquarters, the scouts delivered basic provisions to the elderly villagers who were affected the most by low temperatures.
Group “Cobra” Donja Trnava 277,11
The activists of the association Cobra from Donja Trnava organized snow removal activities and helped with the housework for single-person households and the elderly. In addition to removing snow, they distributed over 60 aid packages containing food to vulnerable households in the villages of Donja Toponica, Mezgraja and Donja Trnava.
“Flores” Sjenica 552,51
The members of the association distributed aid to the most threatened citizens living in villages in the Sjenica municipality, who were facing emergency situation for over one month, due to extreme cold and massive snowfalls. In cooperation with local crisis headquarters they distributed 50 aid packages to imperiled families.



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