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We Are On-line!

We Are On-line! 2012

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Citizens’ Association “Lužnica, My House”
The main objective of the program was to include young people in active social life through the work of Babušnica Youth Council and online and offline projects organized by the council. The main activities included a Youtube competition, Facebook page, Facebook counseling, webpage and field work.
Association “Active Life”
The main objective of the project was to abolish the 65% taxation on employees’ recreation, which would stimulate the employers to provide recreation for their employees who would use this service. This advocacy project was followed by a series of online and offline activities (blogs, Facebook, Twitter and flashmobs, etc.) and a final event in downtown Belgrade.
Informal Group Center of Young Organized Creative People “CMOK”
The aim of the project was to increase the level of awareness of environmental problems in the municipality of Čajetina and to organize several volunteer cleaning events. The main project activities were an online campaign, establishing cooperation with local self-government institutions/PUC (Public Utility Company), flash-games, school presentations and cleaning action.
The aim of the project was to mobilize young people to solve the problem of lighting in the centre of Prijepolje through a series of online and offline activities. The realization of the goal included online and media campaigns, a series of street actions and work with the representatives of local self-government.
Association “Youth Center CK13”
Novi Sad
The aim of the project was to establish the editorial of video activists by empowering young people through informal education, new media and internet as well as through projects in their local community. The main project activities were: education of video activists, research, filming and postproduction, recognition of the problems through online and offline campaigns, movie projections and advocacy actions with aims to solve the problems.
Knowledge Committee of Serbia
The aim of the project "I have a problem" was to motivate the youth to take advantage of modern technologies and social networks to connect and organize themselves in contributing to solving problems wthin their city. The main project activities were: the development of the Ushahidi Platform, an online campaign for platform promotion, identifying and solving two problems, the promotion of actions to gather volunteers, promotion of the actions’ results, further campaigning for platform promotion and the presentation of success stories.
Informal group „The Planet of the Innovative People“
The aim of the project was to encourage young people to advocate for opening of a youth club in Smedervo by using online and offline tools. The main project activities were: the creation of a web page, an online campaign for the establishment of the youth club, street actions and meetings with the representatives of local self-government.
Citizens’ Association “VIDO”
The aim of the project was to create a mobile phone application that could gather all existing services, portals and social networks in order to facilitate daily activities, especially for students, who would be given the opportunity to become active creators and editors of the application.
Youth Center “Vega”
Youth Center “Vega” has planned to create an activist media platform with its project by opening youth internet radio, holding workshops with relevant A/V archives, workshops and implementing guerrilla-marketing activities, organizing a forum theatre, projections, discussions, online exhibitions, audio-visual advocacy campaigns and establishing a new portal for youth media activism which includes streaming radio art and engaging author blogs, as well as a video blog.
Informal Group “The Young for Užice”
With this project, the informal group intended to advocate for acquiring premises and time slots in the City’s Cultural Centre, which would be used by the youth. The main activities were: a Facebook campaign, meetings with representatives of local self-government, street actions and a small outdoor music festival.
Citizens’ Association “BIGZ Cultural Centre”
The aim of the project was to gather a large number of young artists who work on the subject of marginalized groups, to promote their work and socially engaged art through a series of online and offline activities showcasing perceived problem to a wider audience. The main project activities were: an online art competition, several workshops and flashmob events with the members of marginalized groups, online activism, an exhibition and a twitup party.
Civil Society “Team for Education and Culture – TOK”
The main objective of the project was to create an online museum which would map and present different artifacts owned by the citizens of Ripanj that are important for the preservation of its cultural heritage.
Support Group for Young Gay Men “COME OUT”
Novi Sad
The project was intended for young LGBTQ persons who went through or plan to go through the process of coming out. The main project activities included the distribution of materials (bracelets, stickers, badges, patches), promotional videos, workshops on coming out, training on audio and video editing, radio programs, online support for young LGB people, online support to parents of young LGB people, benefit parties, promotional off-videos.



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