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Be a Buddy Campaign

Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF) in cooperation with Scan Foundation and Co-operating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe (CNF CEE)  and in partnership with Volunteer Social Service of Young Explorers of Serbia, implemented campaign Be a Buddy, with the aim to promote volunteer concept among young people, and to increase social inclusion of marginalized groups in all aspects of Serbian society, especially children and young people with disabilities.
Through providing volunteer support to people with disabilities, campaign was inciting young people to be more human, solidary  and tolerant and to show by personal example that social environment could be changed for better. Campaign contributed to development of volunteer concept, better social inclusion of marginalized children and youth to all segments of society, but also to overcoming the obstacles these persons face on daily basis.
Within the campaign, public lectures have been organized in high schools in Belgrade, Novi Sad,  Niš, Kruševac and Valjevo, as a way to instigate involvement of large number of young people in organizing and volunteering. In June 2012, street action took place in Belgrade, on Ada Ciganlija, that involved volunteers and people with disabilities.

The Program It takes two was presented in a brochure which contains the examples of good practice of civil society organizations and their experience and knowledge in the application of the model “Be a Buddy”. The publication is mostly based on the results of the analysis of the implementation of the program It takes two that was carried out in cooperation with the Team for Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, but it was also based on the impressions and testimonies of volunteers and beneficiaries.

Photo galleries “Be a Buddy” could be seen here:
April 2012. 
"Be a Buddy" Public Classes
Be a Buddy
April 2012. 
"Be a Buddy" Socializing
Be a Buddy
April 2012. 
One Milica`a and Zorica`s Friendship Day in Novi Sad
Photo by Dragan Kujundžić
Be a Buddy!



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