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Campaign Penny is not petty

With the aim to raise awareness and solidarity among citizens regarding the importance of philanthropy and individual donations for common good for those in need, Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF) has conducted campaign “Penny is not petty – giving hand, joyous heart!” with the support of American Agency for International Development (USAID) and in partnership with Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC).
Funds raised during campaign have been directed towards children from dysfunctional families gathered within the “Moonlight” Club in Subotica, association that,  in cooperation with primary schools organizes, evening clubs for children.

Campaign Penny is not petty – giving hand, joyous heart! started on September 16th 2010 by promoting research on citizens' attitudes regarding donating for common good, conducted in December 2009.

In the period September – December 2011 campaign was presented to the public through several aspects – billboards, posters in public transportation, information on bus stops. What followed was the large number of media presentations, news and announcements in both printed and electronic media.
The very first activity within campaign was public event organized in Belgrade, at Nikola Pašić Square, on October 16th 2010, during which funds were raised using Penny Boxes and at the same time citizens were asked to participate in a survey about donations. Numerous interested citizens had opportunity to learn about campaign and ways to support children clubs “Moonlight” from Subotica. Activity included big number of volunteers that discussed with citizens advantages of donations for common good.

Till the end of 2010 a serial of class lectures took place in high schools in Serbia. Students discussed history of philanthropy in our country and in the world and they have identified ways to be involved in similar actions in their own communities.
Companies that have joined campaign contributed by practicing individual philanthropy among their employees.
Among available mechanisms of fund raising there were also bank accounts of campaign, SMS number and fund raising boxes. BCIF was granted humanitarian number 2234 by Telekom, Telenor and VIP, to be open for citizens.

Final event and campaign closure was organized in Primary School “Kizur Istvan” in Subotica, in one of the “Moonlight” clubs and on this occasion Moonlight Foundation was presented with symbolic check with the amount of   309.885,00 dinars, however by the official end of the campaign more funds were raised  so at the end the total amount was 321.301,00  dinars.



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