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Centrifuga is the first Trag Donation Program which has been realized in partnership with the representative of business sector, Erste Bank, Novi Sad. This program is a successful example of cooperation and mutual implementation of profit and nonprofit sectors on providing support for local initiatives.


Centrifuga program supports youth groups on launching creative and innovative cultural content in their communities, with active participation of their contemporaries and relying on local potentials. Projects are realized through broad specter of activities, and they furthermore deal with the young generations’ topics of interest. With the aim of cultural decentralization and involvement of young people who live outside of urban centers on starting up cultural contents, this program enables donations up to 400,000 dinars (4,000 euros) for projects in towns where Erste Bankhas its offices (except in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Niš).

In the period 2007 to 2013, through Centrifuge program, 51 projects have been supported with the total amount of 154.588,83 Euro.

As of 2013, besides regular competition, Centrifuge has an addition – CENTRIFUGE +. The aim of Centrifuge + is to support cooperation of organizations from at least two towns that will use their mutual capacities for realization of projects directed towards better use of public spaces. 

Found out more about Centrifuge in Stories From Local Communities. Here you can see some of the success stories from local communities, implemented in 2014, while more detailes on the follow-up of Centrifuge program of Erste bank a.d. Novi Sad can be found on a web site:




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