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Stories from Local Communities

In Wonderland
When the first met they have immediately found common ground – theater. Not long after they acted together in already famous play “In Wonderland”. Aksentije and his friend had an idea, Slobodan had acting experience and he provided the most important – support to his new friend.
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Together We Do Nice Things
"Together we went to Petrovaradin and painted the river. To go with her to Novi Sad downtown is the best thing – once we saw a lot of colorful balloons... We laugh together... Since I've met my friend, I feel nice, because we do nice things together.”
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Special Moms
“The words Mom of a child with disability contain large amount of love, gentleness, pain, tears, fear, but also strength, hope, will, persistence and struggle. This is a special type of mom that would often feel powerless and tired, but will never give in. These are moms with special hands. Hands are their firmest and safest support in the life of small, special, extraordinary and different child.”
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Walk with Me and Just Be My Friend
“During our first encounter Monika and I have established contact and became friends, and both sides should be credited for that. At the very entrance we spontaneously embraced and kissed each other, which expresses connection we both felt.”
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A Little Love and Attention
“He learned to throw ball, to press door knob and open the door. He has found out that he likes to cuddle and above all he has learned to be happy!”
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It's Easier with Friend
“Today Anita and I went for a walk, and than we have decided to go to pizzeria. When we entered pizzeria, we were delighted, since it was decorated with new year decorations. We ordered some drinks as well – one juice and one coffee. While we waited for pizza we talked about a lot of different things..."
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