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On line donations
Balkan Community initiative Fund has developed a platform for on line donations via Facebook application and BCIF web site. During campaign “Kindness as a gift!” donations will be collected for the general support of BCIF programs and financial endowment.

BCIF: Announcement
Due to forthcoming holidays BCIF office will be closed in the period January 1st to January 8th 2013.
We wish you successful 2013!
BCIF team
Every fifth Serbian citizen has discriminatory attitudes towards minority groups
With regard to International Human Rights Day, the institution of The Commissioner for Protection of Equality has organized extensive public opinion survey, conducted by CESID, with the support of UNDP. Read more >>
Support Serbia

On November 21st 2012, in Novi Sad, the company Carlsberg Serbia, together with NIN weekly, has organized round table on the corporate social responsibility, titled “Support Serbia”. 

During the round table, company Carlsberg Serbia has presented its Annual Report on corporate social responsibility for previous year.
Over 300 kilograms of waste collected in Kosjerić, within Watch Out – Garbage! Campaign
Together with pupils of Primary School “Mito Igumanović”  from Kosjerić, representatives of Green Initiative and Association of citizens dtR have participated in promotion of recycling in Kosjerić municipality. Manifestation promoting recycling and waste selection has gathered more than 300 children, pupils of  Primary School “Mito Igumanović”  from Kosjerić.
Ways to solve waste problem in Serbia presented during the conference “Enough with Disposal Delays”

The possibilities for waste treatment that don't include only its disposal on landfills but also waste prevention, reuse and recycling were presented yesterday during the conference on ways to solve waste problem in Serbia named “Enough with Disposal Delays”, that took place at the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia.

The Annual Report on Work of the Balkan Community Initiative Fund

As in previous years, we have prepared the Annual Report where you can find out more on our work.

This report contains information regarding our programs, successfully implemented projects of the groups and organizations we supported throughout 2011, including financial data. The Annual report 2011 could be downloaded here.

Nikola Tesla made out of waste, recycling workshops and humanitarian concert at the festival Get Planet Wise! Recycle

The portrait of Nikola Tesla made out of recycling waste, creative corner for making masks and recycling labyrinth with scenes of waste treatment in Serbia – visitors of the Festival Get Planet Wise! Recycle could see all these activities in Youth Center in Belgrade.

590 Thousands Euro for Grants in 2011

In 2011, Balkan Community Initiative Fund through its three programs – Grants Program, Philanthropy Program and Development Program, has financially supported realization of hundred and one project implemented by citizens' associations and informal groups from all over Serbia, in the total amount of 590 thousands Euro.

Besides financial support,  BCIF has instigated capacity building of  citizens' associations through education and creating connections between partners dealing with the same issues in their respective communities.
Apart from seminars, presentations and consultations, new information, examples and experiences have been transformed into manuals and guides for local community development.
You can learn more about the projects supported in 2011 here.

Winners of the online voting for the most effective object made out of waste

The lamp made out of cans, bottles and old CDs made by pupils of Primary School  “Duško Radović” from Bor ( 97.397 votes); garbage bins made out of waste wood in the courtyard of Primary School “Jan Čajak” from Bački Petrovac (90.263 votes); and recycling chess board created by the pupils of Primary School “Miodrag Čajetinac Čajka” from Trstenik (14.325 votes) – these object have won the largest number of votes during recently finished voting for the most effective object made out of waste that lasted for the past month at the web site of Green List of Serbia (

The Sixth Competition for VIRTUS Award Now Open – Award for the Company that Cares

Balkan Community Initiative Fund with financial support of USA Agency for International Development (USAID) and in partnership with Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) and the Government of the Republic of Serbia Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit (SIPRU) opens the sixth call for VIRTUS Award for Corporative Philanthropy on October the 3rd 2012. The Competition is open for all domestic and foreign companies, as well as corporative funds and foundations, excluding non-profit organizations, public institutions and authorities. Deadline for submissions is November the 2nd 2012...

Grants Awarded within the May Round of “Active Communities” Program

During the decision making round in May, Balkan Community Initiative Fund has awarded grants to seven civil society organizations and informal groups from Serbia, in the total amount of 2.154.354,00 RSD. Support was provided for the following organizations...

Kikinda Youth Fund Raising

Within the “Successful Fund Raising” program, organization Kikinda Youth Initiative has finished fund raising in their local community gathering the sum of  2.267,39 USD that was later doubled by BCIF...

Once Again Novi Sad Successful in Fund Raising

Within the program “Successful Find Raising” CK13 Youth Center has completed raising funds in local community gathering the sum of  USD 1,140.55 that was doubled by BCIF...

Proactive Fund Raising

Association of citizens Proaktiv from Niš has finished fund raising within the program “Successful Fund Raising” gathering the sum of  4.189,87 USD that was later doubled by BCIF...

The Second Meeting of The Serbian Philanthropic Forum

The Foundation Hemofarm was the host of the second meeting of members of Serbian Philanthropic Forum that took place in Belgrade, on July 30th 2012.  Snežana Radočaj, executive director of Hemofarm Foundation has supported the work of the Forum and presented current work of Foundation...

More than 300 Locations in Recycling Directory of the Green Initiative

More than 300 addresses where citizens could bring waste for recycling have been input into Recycling Islands Directoryon the web site of the Green Initiative (, under Watch out, Garbage! Section.

Recycling Islands Directory presents the unique database on recycling islands, including addresses of public utility companies, and private operators licensed to collect and manage waste in Serbia...

Successful Fund Raising in Belgrade, Pančevo and Novi Sad

Association of experts FICE Serbia has finished fund raising within the program “Successful Fund Raising” and succeeded to gather over 6000 USD. BCIF has provided the additional grant totaling 5000 USD...

“Networking through Centrifuge” Gathered Activists from All Over Serbia

“Networking through Centrifuge”, a day-long event organized by Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF) and Erste Bank from Novi Sad took place on July 7th at Cultural Center Grad in Belgrade...

Organization SOS Women's Center Successful in Fund Raising

Within the program “Successful Fund Raising” the organization SOS Women's Center from Novi Sad has gathered financial means within local community and collected the amount totaling 4750 USD that BCIF doubled...

Bicycle Caravan Traveled 400 Kilometers Spreading Ecological Messages

Ecological caravan, with fourteen bicyclists and Cirkusfera artists, traveled 400 km in the past 5 days, visited six cities in Serbia and distributed 3000 bags for waste classification

The Green List of Serbia and the Green Initiative have celebrated the end of the ecological bicycle caravan through cabaret Cirkusfera and concert of the bands Tiću and White city massive, on Friday, in Bački Petrovac, within the campaign “Get Planet Wise! Recycle”.  Ecological caravan, with fourteen bicyclists (seven girls and seven boys) and Cirkusfera artists, during the 400 km long trip...

Ecological Bicycling Caravan Starts in Gornji Milanovac

Ecological caravan will visit six cities in Serbia in the next five days, with participation of  twelve bicyclists and street artists from Cirkusfera, who will  entertain citizens through ecological performance and distribute them three thousands bags for waste classifications.

The Green List of Serbia and Green Initiative are pleased to invite you to joint celebration of the start of the ecological bicycling caravan, in Gornji Milanovac, on June 25th, within the campaign Get Planet Wise! Recycle...

The winners of “Centrifuge 2012” competition

This year's donations totaling  2,218,800.00 dinars, provided by Erste Bank, have been awarded to organizations from seven cities in Serbia...

Grants Awarded within the program “Local Community Advocacy to Support Social Inclusion”

Upon completion of the advocacy training consisting in three modules, Grants Committee has supported realization of the projects of ten association, with total amount of  70.181 USD...

2 Tones of Waste Collected in Gornji Milanovac within the Campaign “Get Planet Wise! Recycle!”

More than 750 citizens participated in the action of collecting over 2 tones of waste in Gornji Milanovac, organized by Green List of Serbia and Green Initiative, within the campaign “Get Planet Wise! Recycle!”  on June 9th   2012. The waste was  shipped to the recycling factories after the action...

The National Conference “Through Employment Towards Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Serbia”

More than 80 representatives of civil society organizations, Government, ministries, local authorities, experts and specialized institutions for the work with persons with disabilities participated in the national conference “Through employment Towards Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Serbia” that took place on June 5th 2012 in Zira Hotel in Belgrade...

Ecological Performance and Collection of 1 Tone of Recyclable Materials Celebrated The World Environment Day

What monuments our civilizations is leaving behind? 

By celebrating The World Environment Day through ecological performance, children from the preschool institution “Queen Marija” from Savski Vanc municipality, together with POD Theatre and group of artists Cirkusfera sent message to citizens from Nikola Pašić square about the importance of recycling and waste classification.  During the manifestation with the slogan What monuments our civilizations is leaving behind?...

Within Get Planet Wise! Recycle in Krusevac and Trstenik Collected 10 Tons of Waste

Over the weekend, within campaign Get Planet Wise! Recycle, Green Initiative and Green List of Serbia continued activities on collecting recyclable materials in Trstenik and Krusevac, and manage to collected nearly 5 tons of waste paper, 3 tons of tires, 1500 pounds of PET and 500 pounds of electronic and electrical waste, that was shipped to recycling facilities...

Serbian Philantophic Forum Gathered Philanthropists

Banka Intesa hosted the meeting of all members of Serbian Philantophic Forum that took place on May 24th in Belgrade.  Rajka Šinik, Bank Intesa corporative communications manager supported the work of this Forum on behalf of the bank, emphasizing how important for the business of every company is to be involved in local community...

Watch Out – Garbage! The beginning of the Campaign

The Green Initiative started the campaign “Watch out – Garbage!” in order to raise awareness on the importance of primary selection and recycling and to increase participation of citizens and recycling businesses in collection of recyclable materials, and in that way efficiently influence establishment of conditions for organized institutional actions of secondary waste collectors...

Continuing Support to Individual Collectors More Than One Ton of Paper Was Collected

More than one ton (1.500 kg) of used office paper, which they have been collecting over  past two weeks, Balkan Community Initiatives Fund, Center for modern skills, Belgrade Fund for political Excellence, European Movement in Serbia,  Young researchers of Serbia, Institute for sustainable Communities, Standing conference of Towns and Municipalities, Student center Rifat Burdzevic and company Exterior Solution, gave to individual collectors today...

Get Involved

Young people from the village Straža, near Loznica, have joined in the project to arrange the village center, through the action Get Involved...

5 Tons of Waste Collected in Get Planet Wise! Recycle Actions in Knjaževac and Bor

During the last weekend, within the campaign Get Planet Wise! Recycle, The Green List of Serbia and Green Initiative have organized actions of collecting recyclable waste  in Knjaževac and in Bor. 1300 citizens participated in this actions and collected up to 5 tons of waste that was transported to recycling factories...

Arranging the Ripaljka Waterfall Surroundings

Within the first phase of the project “Nature and Tourism – Sokobanja and Ripaljka”, implemented by Mountaineering society “Sharp pike” with the support of Balkan Community Initiative Fund through the program “Active Communities”, two wild landfills have been removed, pedestrian paths have been widened and arranged, billboard with tourist information set as well as garbage cans and little bridge at the base of Ripaljka waterfall has been built...

Networking in Local Communities – Training for Civil Society Organizations Held

Balkan Community Initiative Fund, in partnership with Soft Tulip Foundation from Netherlands, has conducted a three-day training on networking of civil society organizations with other stakeholders in local communities. The training took place in Hotel  Šumadija in Belgrade, on April 27th to 29th...

During 1st of May Holidays 1000 Kilograms of Packaging Waste Collected in Fruška Gora

In a follow up of the campaign “Oplaneti se! Recikliraj” during action “Let's take care of Fruška Gora”, visitors of Fruška Gora National park were distributed 2000 biodegradable garbage bags, and on central point more than 1000 kilograms of packaging waist was collected and sent to recycling factories in cooperation with Public Utility Company Novi Sad...

Within the Campaign Oplaneti se! Do Recycle Citizens of Bački Petrovac Collected Over 4 Tons of Paper and Plastic

In a follow up of the campaign “Oplaneti se! Recikliraj”, over 300 citizens of Bački Petrovac collected more than 4 tons of old paper and PET plastic that was sent to recycling factoris that to cooperation with companies Tehnopapir and Greentech d.o.o...

The Round Table on Employment of Persons with Disabilities organized by Association for Promotion of Inclusion - API

The round table on the topic “Possibilities of employment of persons with intellectual disabilities within an open environment” organized by Association for Promotion of Inclusion – API and Group for Self Representation of API Serbia, took place in Belgrade, in the Official Hall of City Municipality Savski venac, on April 26th 2012 at 12 o'clock...

Penny is Not Petty – Giving Hand, Joyous Heart – Campaign Report

Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF), supported by US International Development Agency (USAID) and in partnership with Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) conducted campaign“Penny is not petty – giving hand, joyous heart” with the aim to raise awareness and solidarity of citizens about the importance of philanthropy, especially individual donations for common good and those who are in need. Funds raised during campaign have been donated to the children from dysfunctional  families, gathered within the Children’s club “Moonlight” in Subotica, association that organizes children’s evening clubs in cooperation with primary schools...

The Third Training within the Program “Public Advocacy for Social Inclusion”


The third module within the program “Public advocacy for social inclusion”, organized by Balkan Community Initiative Fund, took place in the hotel Šumadija, in Belgrade, in the period April 22nd to 24th.  Training was organized for the representatives of twelve organizations whose project proposals regarding advocacy in local community have been marked as the best by the Grantee Selection Committee...

Celebrating Day of Planet Earth citizens of Nis and Pirot Collected 7 Tons of Recycling Materials

Green Initiative and Green list of Serbia,  celebrated the Earth Day collecting  recyclable materials in Nis and Pirot last weekend,  within campaign Get Planet Wise! Recycle and with participation of a large number of citizens, collected 7 tones of recyclable materials...

Working Center within Day Care of Association for Help to Mentally Challenged Persons Started to Work in Trstenik

Working center where users could produce decorative and utility products from clay started to operate within the newly built “house in the center of the city” where Association for Help to Mentally Challenged Persons in Trstenik provides the service of day care for twenty five beneficiaries. With the support of instructors, experts in working with clay, both team members and beneficiaries have been trained to produce objects from clay and foundry mass...

The Protocol for Advancement of Cross Sectoral Cooperation in the Area of Inclusive Education, Employment and Integrative Social Protection in Local Community Signed in Kruševac

At the initiative of the Association for sustainable development “Bridges” and after long process of advocating and lobbying The Protocol for Advancement of Cross Sectoral Cooperation in the Area of Inclusive Education, Employment and Integrative Social Protection in Local Community was finally signed in Kruševac...

Grants Awarded within February Round of Active Communities Program

Within February decision making round, Balkan Community Initiative Fund has awarded grants to twelve projects in the total amount of 3.572.737 dinars. For the realization of their initiatives, the support has been given to...

20000 Plastic Bottles Collected in Vučje

Within the first spring local activity of Get Planet Wise! Recycle campaign, approximately 250 citizens of Vucje  and neighborhood  had collected a ton of PET recyclables  (20,000 plastic bottles), which is in cooperation with Porr – Werner & Weber Ltd.  shipped to recycling center “Željkovac”...

Be a Friend

Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF), supported by Skan Foundation and the Co-operating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe (CNF CEE), and in partnership with Voluntary social service within Young Explorers of Serbia, is starting campaign “Be a fiend” with the aim to promote voluntarism among young people, and better social inclusion of marginalized groups, especially youth and children with disabilities, in all segments of Serbian society...

The Annual Competition of Erste Bank and Balkan Community Initiative Fund, Centrifuge 12 – Now Open

For the sixth year in a row, within Centrifuge program, Erste Bank, a.d Novi Sad and  Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF) open a competition to award grants in the field of culture...

Novi Pazar and Trstenik Successful in Fund Raising

Within the program “Successful Fund Raising”, Association for help to mentally challenged persons Novi Pazar and Moravski orašak from Trstenik have successfully finished fund raising within their local communities and they have collected maximum amount of 5000 USD that was later doubled by BCIF...

Philanthropic Bazaar

Novi Sad Youth center CK13 has initiated campaign to raise funds within the program “Successful Fund Raising”. The beginning of the campaign was on Saturday, March 3rd, and it was earmarked by sales bazaar of craft works where everybody could contribute by buying painting, broach or felt hats...

360 Packages Delivered to Endangered Citizens During BCIF Action

During February, Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF) has sent urgent financial help for citizens threatened by extreme cold. In cooperation with companies Erste bank a.d. Novi Sad, Telenor d.o.o.,  Ernst and Young and Banca Intesa a.d. Beograd, BCIF has supported associations of citizens “Cobras” from Donja Trnava, “Flores” from Sjenica, “Luznica craft works” from Babusnica, Association for Local Development “Kamenica” from Svrljig, “Romanian” Association of Roma from Bački Monoštor, Association of pensioners “independance” from  Vladičin Han, Scouts Squad “Bajina Bašta” from Bajina Baštawhose activists supported imperiled citizens in the field...

The Kitchen on Wheels

The Kitchen on Wheels is a new service for old and mobility impaired people established by the Association for supporting people with developmental challenges “Our home” with the support of Zvezdara Municipality and Balkan Community Initiative Fund. Namely, people with intellectual disabilities, beneficiaries of “Our home” will pack and deliver food prepared by Top Rest catering to the old and mobility impaired people on the territory of Zvezdara Municipality...

Eight Projects Recommended for the Social Transition Program

Grant Making Committee of Balkan Community Initiative Fund, within January round of Social Transition program competition, has decided to recommend to Cooperating Netherlands Foundation for Central and Eastern Europe (CNF CEE) projects of the eight organizations...

Companies Provided Help for the Most Endangered Citizens and Supported Follow-up of BCIF Action

Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF) in cooperation with companies Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad, Telenor d.o.o. and Banka Intesa a.d. Belgrade has sent urgent financial help to associations of citizens “Cobras” from Donja Toponica, Flores from Sjenica, Luznica craft works from Babušnica, Association for Local Development “Kamenica” from Svrljig, Roma Association  Bački Monoštorand Scout Squad “Bajina Bašta”  from Bajina Bašta whose activists  in the field support the most endangered citizes hit by extreme cold...

BCIF Action – Help to the Most Endangered Citizens Hit by Extreme Cold

Dear Sirs and Madams

Thank you all very much for the expressed humanity and readiness to support BCIF action and help the most vulnerable citizens who are facing threats from extremely low temperatures and massive snowfall...




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