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Social Care Reform Initiative

In 2013 and 2014, Trag Foundation  has conducted the program Social Care Reform Initiative, with support from United States American Agency (USAID) with the aim to instigate higher participation of civil society organizations dealing with the social protection issues in the process of the reform of the social care system  in Serbia.
Through this program, Trag Foundation has supported initiatives of civil society organizations that incited decision makers on local level to cooperation in conducting social services according to the Law on social care, that is adopted in 2011. Social Care Reform Initiative also contributed to the affirmation of the civil society organizations as providers of social services, deinstitutionalization and decentralization of the social protection system in Serbia transferring the part of  jurisdictions to local self-managements.
During the program Social Care Reform Initiative, Trag Foundation has enabled capacity building for 24 representatives from 12 civil society organizations with the aim to advance their knowledge from the area of social care and social services reform, as well as public advocacy skills ad monitoring of the local social protection policies. Eleven civil society organizations were supported to implement public advocacy campaigns for more efficient implementation of social services on local level with the total amount of $114.918,51. Campaigns have been conducted in 9 local communities in Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Bečej, Arilje, Subotica, Babušnica, Požega, Brus, Zrenjanin and Mali Iđoš).
Advocacy campaigns in these local communities had impact on development of local social care strategies and development plans, allocations of funds for providing the service of home care for elderly, SOS Hotline on minority languages for women victims of violence, day care centers for children with developmental challenges, personal assistants for disabled people, personal companion for children with disabilities, home care and assistance, enabling conditions for independent life of people with disabilities as well as in introducing the service home care for children with developmental challenges and day care center for people older than 65 suffering dementia.
Public advocacy campaigns that influenced advancement of the conditions for more efficient provision of social services to vulnerable social groups in 9 local communities engaged more than 2000 citizens. Three local communities allocated approximately 7,900,00 dinars from the local budgets for financing social protection services (home care for elderly in remote rural households in Babušnica, Day care center for children with disabilities in Brus and home care and support around the house and services of rural householders in Mali Iđoš). Besides above mentioned, the process for creating preconditions for piloting the service of Day care center for people older than 65 years suffering dementia is initiated, as well as providing of housing unit for establishment of the service of assisted housing for people with disabilities.
The program also included conducting the Comparative research on local providers of social protection services in Serbia that mapped providers of social services on local level in Serbia and emphasized competitiveness and innovation of civil society organizations in providing social services. Some of the research findings state that civil society organizations in Serbia provide almost third of all social services on local level and have high potential for networking, bring innovation and expand the content of the service, they are pioneers in introducing new services, they bring availability of social services to marginalized groups in rural areas.
Social Care Reform Initiative attracted a lot of media attention, that reported about program itself, but also about the public advocacy campaigns in local communities in Serbia.
Here you can find successful stories from local communities, regarding the program Social Care Reform Initiative.



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