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Social Services and Social Entrepreneurship Grants

Within its program Civil Society Forward, Trag Foundation in partnership with Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) and with financial support of American Agency for International Development (USAID) has conducted the program Social Services and Social Entrepreneurship Grants. The aim of the program was to contribute to sustainability of social services implemented by civil society organizations in Serbia. In June 2013 Trag has invited 19 organizations previously supported through donations programs, to apply with ideas related to building capacity of organizations to both deliver quality services and develop activities that will contribute to long term financing and sustainability of the service (through contracting with local authorities, commercializing service and/or entrepreneurial activities). Out of 9 applied projects six are chosen to receive technical support for organizing fundraising campaign. The total amount of donations for technical support was   1.583.310 dinars and the following projects were supported:
Association for support to developmentally challenged persons „Our House“, Belgrade – building organizational capacity for expanding service “Kitchen on Wheels” and labor engagement of young people with disabilities on preparation, packaging, delivery and sales of meal within the service as a type of training for independent life;
Association Optimist, Bosilegrad – for the program of economic empowerment of 15 socially vulnerable families from Bosilegrad and developing mechanisms for sustainability of agricultural business for 35 families, beneficiaries of the current programs of association.
Association “Half Way There”,  Pančevo – for advancing quality of the service housing with support (professional improvement of employees on functional space equipping) necessary for licensing and accreditation of the service.
Association RAINBOW,  Šabac – for advancing health social services for LGBT population and for establishment of service sustainability through developing entrepreneurial activity – running hostel in  Šabac.
Sandžak committee for human rights protection, Novi Pazar -  strengthening capacity of Social cooperative established with the aim to increase social inclusion of unemployed women and their families through developing their skills and knowledge on handmade wool materials.
NGO Atina, Belgrade – establishing framework for sustainable long term financing of activities of direct assistance to the victims of human trafficking in Serbia through licensing and piloting program for training employees in the system of social protection.
All six organizations have conducted fundraising campaigns, with financial and consultative support from Trag Foundation, and at the end of campaigns Trag provided matching grants. All organizations have received support from individuals, associations and local companies using various methodologies of fundraising, and involving their constituencies in campaigns. The total amount of raised funds (in kind, services and financial funds) was  69,107.36 US dollars and Trag has doubled it by providing matching grants.
Two organizations directed raised funds towards improvement of professional capacities for professional service provision and licensing: association Half Way There has received license for providing service housing with support, while NGO Atina  is currently in the process of licensing training program “For social inclusion of victims and prevention of human trafficking”.
The other four organizations have used funds for development of entrepreneurial activities that would contribute to their sustainability. Association Rainbow has started hostel that employs LGBT persons , association Optimist has provided employment and stable income for socially vulenrable families in Bosilegrad through greenhouse production of fruits and vegetables, and association Our House has opened completely renovated and equipped kitchen for preparation and distribution of meals for socially vulenrable people, through service Kitchen on wheels.



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