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Social Transition (currently not active)

Finding innovative and sustainable methods for providing services to those that desperately need it is the essence of the program Social Transition conducted in the past 5 years (2007 – 2012) with the support of Cooperating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe (CNF CEE).
Social Transition program has contributed to development and provision of social services to the most vulnerable social groups, but also to capacity building of civil society organizations that are providers of social services. Out of almost 1000 organizations that applied for funds within this program, we have supported 97 projects with the total amount of 1.600.000 Euro. Within these projects organizations have been developing alternative solutions and innovative approaches to development of social services for vulnerable groups. Majority of funds were directed towards organizations providing social services to persons with disabilities (33 supported projects), women (17 projects) and young people (13 projects).


During five years of support through program Social Transition, some innovative methodologies came into being – family conference for dysfunctional families, anti-stress therapy (yoga) for women in prison, support to parents of drug addicts through model of responsible parenthood and art workshops for persons with mental challenges. We have provided support to variety of organizations that work with vulnerable groups, often invisible to institutions (LGBT community, drug addicts, street children, cancer patients in need of palliative care), as well as to those in remote and poor communities that provide basic services like Daily care for children with disabilities, help to elderly people, etc.
With our support to capacity building, civil society organizations have become stronger stakeholders in establishing the dialogue with decision makers and other partners on local and national level, which increased their role in the process of reform of the social protection system. Also, through this program and with our support, the network of civil society organizations, providers of social services for children with intellectual disabilities – SLAP - has been established.

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