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We are in program

We are in program is a program which supports youth organizations to develop media content for the young in their local communities. Program includes support in the way of education on the basics of project management and project writing, the basics of journalism, as well as financial support for implementation of media content. Civil organizations as well as informal groups which have active young members may apply for this program. Participants have to be from 15 to 30 years old, and they would form editorial staff of youth media. After trainings on journalism and conducting of media projects, the youth groups get financial support from BCIF in the amount up to 250,000 dinars (2,500 euros) for realization of media projects.

The goal of the program is to strengthen youth activism in local communities. The program encourages young people to activate themselves, through the launch of local media projects, in solving of the problems which are important to them, and which are important for local communities they come from.


Media projects may be in the form of traditional press media (magazines, newsletters, feuilletons or columns in the existing local press media), or in the form of electronic media – radio and TV shows, as well as internet presentations with content for the young. Existing press and electronic media may be used in the communities where the projects are to be launched. If technical conditions are fulfilled, new press and e media may be launched as well. Topics and themes which would be concentrated on in local youth media are not clearly stated, but the young will be encouraged to bring to focus important themes which may initiate the solving of crucial problems and questions of the young, along with the information on the goings-on in local communities.

The procedure of granting donations

BCIF has distinct rules and procedures for donation grants for all programs. During public selection for We are in program program, project proposals are reviewed on the following levels:

1. BCIF’s office (reviewing of project proposals)
2. Selection Board (selection of top 10 project proposals)
3. Training – modules for transforming proposals into a final project
4. Donation Board

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