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Grant programs for CSO

Trag foundation :: Grant programs for CSO

Grant Programs for Civil Society Organizations

As a local fund, Trag invests biggest efforts in development of different grant programs for civil society organizations and informal groups of citizens in Serbia. Grant programs aim to instigate people to think about priority problems in their communities and to support their intentions to solve those problems through participation of  entire community and using available local resources. Trag foundation conducts several grant programs grouped in few areas.
Citizens's activism

Active Communities Thematically limitless program, intended for local initiatives dealing with concrete problems resolution in their respective communities
Centrifuge – Conducted in partnership with Erste Bank, provides grants to youth groups that initiate cultural contents for young people in their communities.
Participation in decision making

Program Public Advocacy in Local Communities instigates organizations to implement initiatives that focus community attention to some important problem or topic, involve citizens in active promotion of problem solution, and direct stakeholders towards the choice of adequate solution.

Program Public Advocacy for Social Services supports organizations to participate in the reform of social protection system by building their capacities as social service providers and advocating for reform implementation on a local level.
Sustainable Development

“Green Ideas” Forum is conducted in cooperation with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) and Erste Bank with the aim to incite individuals, association and small enterprises to develop innovative entrepreneurial ideas based on the principles of sustainable development. We support ideas with the biggest potential to achieve social, economical and developmental impact on local community while preserving natural resources and environment.
Social Inclusion and Social Services

Program Social Service and Social Entrepreneurship grants supports civil society organizations to achieve better competitiveness on the social services market and in that way make those services sustainable. Program instigates organization's endeavor, long term and planned approach to capacity building, maximum use of local resources and alternative solutions for long term financing of services.
Local Philanthropy

Successful Fundraising – Program aims to support citizens' associations in achieving sustainability through diversifying financing sources, exploring new methods for fund raising in local communities and instigating corporate and individual philanthropy.

Program Sustainability Academy intended to build capacity of organizations in order for them to achieve sustainability through diversifying financing sources and bigger participation of citizens in their work.



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