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Active Communities

People in local communities encounter different problems, so there are different solutions which may be applicable. Active communities program provides financial support in the amount of up to 350,000 dinars to the initiatives for mutual citizens’ problem solving in local communities. This thematically diverse program encourages more active participation in solving concrete problems on local level. Successful actions help people to gain new insights and confidence in their own abilities.


Both registered and informal groups may apply for financial aid, while project proposals may be written in Serbian, Roma, and Hungarian and Albanian language. During the selection of the initiatives which are to be financially supported, advantage is given to the actions which avail themselves of local potentials in the best manner possible – whether concerning financial contributions, volunteer work, experience or people’s services from different sectors. Our experience showed that different subject’s participation in the community results in more creative, more complete and longer lasting problem solutions.

The results of those projects show that positive changes in many cases do not necessarily depend on the amount of money, but on will, enthusiasm and knowledge. Many of the problems we encounter may be solved with even less means than it is usually assumed.

Program Active Communities is realized with financial assistance from institutional donors: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Balkan Trust for Democarcy and Child's Perspective, and assistance from companies: Coca Cola and Wem Media Agency, and individuals donating through campaign Kindness as a gift!.

Deadline for application:

Projects for Active communities program may be submitted throughout the year, while Donation Board decides on the projects three times per year.

The procedure of granting donations

Trag has distinct rules and procedures for donation grants for all programs. During public selection for Active communities program, project proposals are reviewed on the following levels:

1. Trag Office
2. Local advisors and on-line voting
3. Active Communities Committee
In the first round, the staff of Trag has examined all proposals and in consultations with local consultants shortlisted 20 projects of highest quality. While local Trag advisors visit shortlisted groups/organizations, to prepare recommendations based on both project proposal and interview with members of groups/organizations, there is ongoing on-line voting on the web site of Trag Foundation.

On-line voting is a new part of the process of grant awarding for the Active Communities program. Idea is to involve citizens around the projects in their respective communities and in that way provide additional vote for the 3rd round of selection process, when Trag's Donation Committee reviews proposals and recommendations in order to make final decision which projects would be supported.

Additional vote - VOTE OF COMMUNITY will be counted as one vote during final review of Trag's Donation Committee.

Found out more about Active Community Program in Stories From Local Communities and Frequently Asked Questions.




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