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Stories from Local Communities

“For my better homeland”
In order to create preconditions for rural tourism in the village Kopajkosara, Informal group “My Homeland” with support from Trag Foundation through the program Active Communities, started with cleaning of approach to the cave Samar in the village, building picnic place on it, renovating existing object into a local history museum and organizing cultural manifestation Prelo.

“Side by side with each other”
I have found a new will for life since I came to Dusa. My late mother used to say, when I have had a hard times: "Snap out of it!" When I lost her, it seemed to me that I have lost all support. And then I was again found it  in the association "Dusa". 

Novi Sad Cycling Initiative
The main goals of this project was to increase security of bicycle riders in Novi Sad traffic and promotion of cycling, especially among children. Cycling Initiative is already known in Novi Sad by organizing critical mass of cyclists’ events. This was also one of the main activities of this project – 7 critical mass events were organized during the project with a lot of side activities - photography exhibitions, cycle fair, riding extraordinary bicycles (tall and long), etc. A lot of promotion material was printed for these events – 260 posters, 7,000 flyers, 2,300 stickers for bicycles, etc. Read more >>
“God Save Rzav”

River island Uski vir on Rzav River is favourite location of Arilje citizens – as picnic place and “Arrlem”  music festival spot during summer, but also as children playground for near by kindergarten all year long. Island was neglected for long period and  Environmental Organization “God Save Rzav” worked on arranging it, by cleaning it from waste, cutting old trees, posting benches, swings and slides for children, posting barbeque places for picnic, etc. Read more >>
Bela Palanaka Cinema Works Again

During summer 2013, the Center for open society development “Agora” advocated for reopening of local cinema. Young people joined around this cause – they collected signatures for petition, and succeeded to get movie “The hat of professor Kosta Vujic” from Belgrade production house Košutnjak film for free Read more >>
"Eco fun camp"
Young activists of Kragujevac, together with foreign volunteers, organized summer volunteer camp in order to arrange park and favorite picnic site “Ilina voda” of Kragujevac citizens. This action was a great test for youth activism and organization Environmental Assiciation of camp fans "Eco fun camp", and it was successfully completed. Read more >>
“Roller Skater - Volunteer”
Thanks to the successful cooperation between the Extreme Sports Club “Extreme Family 014” and local authorities, Valjevo is put on the list of cities with skate park.

Extreme sports lovers from this town have decided to solve one of their biggest problems – the lack of adequate premises for exercising and doing skating.

“Nice, healthy, useful”
With project “Nice, healthy, useful” Scout Squad “Bajina Basta” managed to gather whole community around the same goal – arranging area of Scout camp in Zaovine, on Tara Mountain. This rural, remote, mountain area was echoed again with children singing and laughter.

„Through Health Glasses to Dignified Life“
Decorative health glasses made by members of association „Women's Centre Milica“ in their crafts workshop, helped women fighting breasts cancer to regain the feeling of purpose and to get great support during difficult healing process. Read more >>
Small Playground – Great Joy for Village Milavac
The first playground in village Milavac, besides sports fields, now has swings, teeters and slides, it is lighten by street lights and  presents great joy for all children and villagers, but also for citizens from surrounding places that now visit Milavac, since there is a playground where they could spend quality leisure time. Read more >>
Medieval Trstenik on contemporary scene
Performance „Vidovdan and memories“ presenting everyday life in medievel period taking place around Grabovac fortress (Jerina's town), not only did it involve and made interested the whole community, but it also had significant media support, as well as support from local authorities, institutions, business companies and media. Read more >>
Skate park in Subotica renovated: Deed of their hands

By building and reconstructing skate park elements they have created the space that all lovers of skateboarding, inline skating, BMX and mountain bikes riding could use in a safe and organized way...

Lužnica craft works – Women Ethno Village, Babušnica

"The participants gained a lot from this project.  They were trained for a new job that may be carried out independently, and with which they could make a living.  Some of the participants have immediately started with the realization of new ideas...

Informal group Cobra, Donja Trnava & Donja Toponica, Niš

"These kids are amazing, they work during the day, dance folklore at night, and in the meantime mow the lawn and study for their exams."

Timacus Maius, Niševac

This approach has brought together all members of all generations of the community

Optimist, Bosilegrad

"We have seen how little it takes to set the positive spirit in motion."

Roma women's organizations Osvit

Roma women's organizations Osvit from Niš has launched various activities that are connected their community and representatives of local self-government, in order to launch action plans for the Decade of Roma.
Association for providing help to mentally challenged people Vračar

Association for providing help to mentally challenged people Vračar from Belgrade has organized a series of inclusive workshops that brought together more than 2,000 children with disabilities, Roma children of primary school Vračar municipality, parents, teachers and other citizens.
Kikindski forum

Kikindski forum from Kikinda has launched an initiative to obtain the status of the city.
GM Optimist (2008)

GM Optimist (2008) from Gornji Milanovac has completed a series of actions illegal dump sites clean and organized training workshops for environmental peer coaches.



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