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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Whom do you support by Advanced Community Advocacy Program?

BCIF’s Advanced Community Advocacy Program supports registered civil associations

2. Is it possible for public institutions, businessmen or individuals to apply for these donation programs?

No. Only civil society groups and informal groups of citizens may apply for these programs (for Active CommunitiesCentrifuga and We Are in Program programs).

3. What themes may we apply with for ACAP?

We encourage organizations to develop initiatives which will bring community’s attention to some important problem or a topic in the local community.

4. What is the procedure if we wish to make an appointment with the person responsible for the project we want to apply for?

You need to call the person responsible for a certain program on the phone, and introduce an idea or a project proposal. After that an appointment will be made if additional consultations are needed.

5. How many donation programs may we apply for at the same time?

When you decide to apply for BCIF’s programs, you need to carefully think about which program suits you best. You may apply for only one of the programs which are open at the time.

6. How many times may we apply for one particular donation program?

You may apply unlimited number of times for one particular donation program. However, it is advisable that you do not apply with the same project again, should your project remain unsupported. You should ask BCIF’s office for advice on how to improve the existing project.

7. May we send more than one project for one particular program?

You may send only one project to a program you wish to apply for. In case you send more projects, only one will be taken in consideration for donation grant, while the others will be withdrawn from the procedure.

8. How many times may an organization/informal group be supported within the scope of one BCIF’s program?

Within the scope of one program, for example Active communities program, one organization may be supported no more than twice. After that, the organization may apply for other donation programs.

9. How long do we have to wait for the decision whether we have been granted a donation or not?

The decision making process takes one month from the day of the deadline for submitting a proposal. You will be informed on the results by phone or via e-mail.



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