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National Forum for Green Ideas

Trag Foundation, in partnership with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Erste Bank, will organize annual national Forum for Green Ideas for the fourth time, with the aim to instigate individuals, associations and small businesses to develop innovative entrepreneurial ideas based on the principles of sustainable development. Our aim is to recognize and support ideas with the highest potential for sustainability and achieving social and economic developmental impact on local community, while preserving natural resources and environment.
Sustainability includes harmonization of economic growth with environmental interests and social development “with human face”. In conditions of domination of large market-dominant corporate chains, economic stability presents the challenge of finding new ways of organizing with mandatory inclusion of local communities into creative solutions for economic, social and environmental problems. Sustainable development includes economic growth based on optimal use of local resources, traditional production processes adapted to new surroundings, nurturing crafts and permanent ecological advancement.

Criteria for Ideas Selection:
The project idea submitted to the competition should equally encompass all elements of sustainable development, meaning that besides financial sustainability, it should have significant social, ecological and economic influence in community. Ideas will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • The project is still in initial phase of development;
  • Idea is unique and innovative comparing to other projects in community;
  • The project primarily relies on local resources, including employment of local population and using their skills and knowledge;
  • The project contains the plan for economic growth – the draft of business plan;
  • The project includes plan for environmental protection and advancement – ecological sustainability plan;
  • The project is based on suitable information on local market, it recognizes competition and comparative advantages of its idea;
  • The project supports renewal of local economy and active connection of people with their respective local community;
  • Up to the moment of application the project did not receive any financial support from local or state institutions, local or foreign donors, foundations, development agencies etc.
Who can apply:
Eligible to apply are associations registered according to the Law on Associations, small businesses and entrepreneurs with annual turnover less than 10.000 EUR and individuals.

Application Deadline
From April 7th to May 2nd 2016.

Application Form:

Applicants could apply using Application Form, that could be downloaded here.
Send Application Form from April 7th to May 2nd 2016 until 5 pm to e-mail:
Decision making procedure:

  • The office of Trag Foundation will select 12 applicants out of all submitted proposals and based on criteria stated in this Call. Applicants will be invited to present their ideas on a National forum, one day event that will be organized in Belgrade in June.
  • Forum participants will present their ideas in front of Selection Committee consisting of experts from the fields of economy, ecology and business. Presentations could be oral, power point or short movie. Total duration of presentation together with the time for questions and answers is 15 minutes. Selection Committee will decide on three best ideas that will be awarded with 5.000 USD for realization of idea in local community.
Award fund is provided by Trag Foundation (with support of Rockefeller Brothers Fund) and Erste Bank.

In addition to financial support, Trag Foundation and Erste Bank will provide additional support to awarded winners, in the form of consultations, mothership, education and exchange of experiences in order to provide long-term support for the realization of business ideas.
Besides gaining award on a national Forum, all three winning ideas will participate in a regional Forum the Rockefeller Brothers Fund  that will take place in Serbia in July 2016, and have possibility to compete for additional award in the amount of 10.000 US dollars.




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