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Social Services and Social Entrepreneurship Grants

The program Social Services and Social Entrepreneurship Grants supports civil society organizations to achieve higher competitiveness in the social services market and make their services sustainable.
This program instigates organizations’ enterprise, long term and planned approach to capacity building, maximum use of local resources and alternative solutions for long term service financing.
Six organizations from Serbia are involved in program realization: Association Rainbow from Šabac, Atina from Belgrade, Sandžak Human Rights Protection Committee from Novi Pazar, Association “Half way” from Pančevo, Association Optimist from Bosilegrad, and Association for support to developmentally challenged persons “Our House” from Belgrade.
Social protection is the primary area of the work of these organizations. They already have established services and precisely defined group of service beneficiaries, they clearly demonstrate quality of the service and they have experience in fund raising in local community.
Through this program we would like selected organizations to additionally improve quality of services for socially vulnerable groups, to build their own capacities for quality service provision and establish model for financial sustainability of provided services.
Maximum amount of donation is 30.000 USD and it will be granted to selected organizations as a matching grant. Associations involved in this program, with financial and consultative help of Trag, will fund raise for their projects in their respective communities, and Trag will double raised funds up to the maximum amount anticipated by the program.
This project is implemented with support of Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) and with financial support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the program Civil Society Forward.



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