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Successful Fundraising

Trag Foundation in partnership and with financial assistance of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) conducts the program Successful Fundraising. Program aims to support associations of citizens in achieving sustainability through orientation towards diversifying funding sources, exploring new methodologies of fund raising in local communities and instigating corporate and individual philanthropy.
Program Idea
International funds (including development aid and private foundations) still make the significant part of the budgets of Serbian organizations. State institutions and local self-managements have started allocating certain funds, but they are still inconsiderable comparing to the scope of activities within the sector. There is an emphasized need to diversify funding sources especially having in mind the effects of crisis and decrease in donors' funding. Considering the fact that EU funds, although offering significant amounts, are available mostly to organizations with highly developed capacities, there is an open issue of financial sustainability of especially local organizations.
Aiming to resolve this issue, Trag Foundation would like to incite and deepen existing cooperation of citizen's associations with wider circle of potential donors in local communities, including local businesses and citizens as individual donors.
Program description
Organizations will be supported in two phases - through fund raising training and grant support (donation). Program activities will be implemented in the period of February 2016 till March 2017.

I phase – Fundraising Training

·         Selection – Based on the call for proposals criteria, Trag Foundation will select up to 10 organizations to participate in the training process.
·         Educational component - two representatives of selected organizations will participate in 3 trainings on the following topics: Elements of strategic planning and fundraising basics (March 2016), Applied Fundraising I (March 2016), Applied Fundraising II (April 2016). During trainings, organizations will develop their plans for fundraising in local community for specific project (the topic of the projects is not predetermined, but the issue should be solvable on the local level, and it should be in accordance with the strategic framework of organization). Training attendance is obligatory for all organizations selected to participate in the program.
·         Support - Next to education, each organization would be provided consultant's support in the process of developing strategic frameworks and defining the action to be fundraised for. Trag Foundation office will provide organizations with all necessary support.
·         Developing Fundraising Plans – By the end of April 2016 organizations will develop and submit to Trag Foundation project proposals including explanation of the chosen topic and the plan of fundraising in local community.
·         Technical Support – In order to organize fund raising activity, each organization/program participant will receive technical grant in the amount of 800 US dollars exchanged to dinars. Technical grant is intended for necessary preparations of the fundraising process – mini campaigns, promotional materials etc.

II phase – Fundraising

·         Fundraising – Starting from May 2016, organizations will fundraise from individual and corporate donors in local community (citizens, businesses and companies operating in local community) for the period of five months.
Fundraising process will be competitive for participants, which means that those that achieve fundraising goal the first, will receive the grant. Each organization will learn through training process how to assess its capacities and create realistic fund raising plans, and they will be introduced to the fundraising methodologies.
·         Trag Foundation Matching Grant – Matching grants will be awarded to organizations that are the first in achieving the fundraising goal set within their fundraising plans. Maximum matching grants fund is 28000 US dollars. Upon completion of fund raising process, organizations will report on raised funds, and Trag Foundation will match the grant, up to the maximum amount of 3500 US dollars, exchanged to dinars.
·         Activities Implementation – Organizations implement activity/action they have been fundraising for, and after they submit narrative and financial report to Trag Foundation (October 2016 - March 2017).
Organizations will have support from Trag Foundation all the time during program implementation, both in the process of development of fundraising plans and during the fundraising process itself. Also, organizations involved in the program will have the opportunity to learn more about philanthropy and establish contacts with some stakeholders in this field – organizations that successfully fundraise in local communities, representatives of companies etc. The expected outcomes of the program for involved organization include diversifying and expanding sources of funding and establishing partnership connections with potential new donors within their communities, advancing the process of strategic and financial planning, and increasing their impact and visibility within community.
Donation Amount
The first donation within the program – technical grant in the amount of up to 800 US dollars will be awarded to all 10 organizations participating in the program.
After that, Trag Foundation will award the matching grant to the most successful and fastest organizations. The matching grant depends on raised funds and its maximum amount is up to 3500 US dollars. That means that funds raised by organization are doubled, actually the total budget of the activity that is fund raised for could be up to 7000 US dollars. Only the funds raised from individual and corporate donors are accepted as fundraised. Funds raised from public institutions, local authorities and foundations will not be considered.
The total fund for grants is 28000 US dollars, which means that the maximal grant could be awarded to 8 organizations, but potentially all 10 organizations could receive the grant with somewhat smaller amount.
Who Can Apply
All registered associations of citizens from the territory of Serbia, that operate more than 1 year and whose primary target territory is community of registration(village, municipality, town), are eligible to apply.
Program is intended for persons who are decision makers within organizations and who are able to dedicate time to the development of the fundraising plan in the context of the wider strategic organizational directions. It is also important that representatives of organization are able to actively participate in all planned activities.
Applications of state institutions, governmental bodies, local self-managements, profit initiatives, international organizations, political organizations as well as organizations not operating on local level will not be considered.
Also, organizations that have already passed the Fund Raising Program (2008/2009, 2010/2011, 2011/2012 i 2012/2013, 2013/2014, 2015) and received financial support from Trag Foundation within those programs, are not eligible for this call.
Participation Criteria
he program Successful Fundraising is intended for organizations willing to expand their funding sources. Here is the list of selection criteria:

  • Demonstrated capacity and motivation for finding new funding sources within local community
  • Relevance of already achieved results of organization within community, and the level of development of its capacities for project and financial management
  • The number of beneficiaries and the scope of organization's target group, achieved social change within their community
  • Initial project idea
  • Assessed capacity of organization to fund raise for designed project

The final choice of organizations will be made by the Board consisting of Trag Foundation staff, experts from this area and representatives of the donor USAID.






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