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Stories from Local Communities

Civil Society Organizations Raised Nearly 7 Million Dinars within Successful Fundraising Program
Inclusion, education, culture, social and health care, environmental protection and care for animals are the needs of local communities that were successfully responded to by civil society organizations involved in the program Successful fundraising.

Successfully Finished Action “How Does a Tree Grow?”
Within the program Successful Fundraising, organization “Green Circle” from Bački Petrovac has completed the process of fundraising in local community and raised the amount of 419.473,06 dinars that is doubled by Trag Foundation.

Establishment of summer classroom in Primary School in Milutovac by Trstenik
Ecology movement „Moravski orasak“ has been active in the field of environmental protection in Trstenik municipality since 2003. For three years in a row it successfully participates in a national environemental campaign „Get Planet Wise!“ as a member of Green List of Serbia. This organization mostly works with children and young people, and schools are active participants in all of their activites. Read more >>
The beginning of „Walkers“
The initiative „Walkers“ was established when civil society organization Proaktiv, wishing to encourage citizen's activism, started the initiative within local community to raise funds for building „Monument to civic activism“. Direct reason for starting this initiative was the anniversary of citizens' and students' protests 1996/97 that started in Niš and soon after expanded all over Serbia.
Kikinda Youth Fund Raising

Within the “Successful Fund Raising” program, organization Kikinda Youth Initiative has finished fund raising in their local community gathering the sum of  2.267,39 USD that was later doubled by BCIF.

Organization was raising funds for equipping the very first Youth Center, premises provided to young people by Kikinda Municipality. Young people were dedicated to collecting funds so they have organized a number of street actions were they have been selling cookies, coffee and tea, jewelry, hats and shawls made by themselves. They have also gathered funds using door-to-door method and in that way received significant support from citizens. Besides them, contributors to campaign were also Tourist Organization of Kikinda, Youth Office and Kikinda Municipality.

Once Again Novi Sad Successful in Fund Raising

Within the program “Successful Find Raising” CK13 Youth Center has completed raising funds in local community gathering the sum of  USD 1,140.55 that was doubled by BCIF.

During fund raising, CK13 has organized various activities including the weaving workshops, humanitarian poetry night, crafts bazaar, auction etc. Inside Youth Center premises they had set fund raising boxes, and at the same part of the income coming from drinks sales in the coffee shop and meals sales in the soup kitchen was also allocated for the aims of the campaign. The collected amount would be used for the realization of the Caravan of Women's Creative Space and promotion of women's entrepreneurship.

Proactive Fund Raising

Association of citizens Proaktiv from Niš has finished fund raising within the program“Successful Fund Raising” gathering the sum of  4.189,87 USD that was later doubled by BCIF.

According to their vision of Serbia of proactive citizens, Association has started fund raising action for building the Activism Square in Niš. The very fist donors were the Association members themselves, contributing with a percentage from their salaries and in that way inviting citizens to join. Significant donation have been received from local companies, their long term partners and associates. After successfully conducted activities within this program, the Association will continue collecting financial means for the Square establishment and promotion of activism.

Successful Fund Raising in Belgrade, Pančevo and Novi Sad

Association of experts FICE Serbia has finished fund raising within the program “Successful Fund Raising” and succeeded to gather over 6000 USD. BCIF has provided the additional grant totaling 5000 USD.

The members of this association have been committed to raise funds in their local communities and they have been given great support in Belgrade, Pančevo and Novi Sad, mostly by their neighbors and friends joined by representatives of Water Polo Federation. Local entrepreneurs have also given their contribution, not only through financial donations, but also  by donating software for blind persons, providing legal, PR and marketing services etc. The collected funds will be used for conducting family conferences, a new model in Serbia, that aims to resolve problems within family environments.

Organization SOS Women's Center Successful in Fund Raising

Within the program “Successful Fund Raising” the organization SOS Women's Center from Novi Sad has gathered financial means within local community and collected the amount totaling 4750 USD that BCIF doubled.

During fund raising  SOS Women's Center organized several activities like street actions, humanitarian concert, several bands concerts, cocktail parties in bars etc. Organization has received significant support from entrepreneurs, famous artists, journalists, but the biggest contribution was made by citizens. Collected amount will be used to improve conditions and technical capacities of the premises where psychological, legal, emotional and informational support is provided to the survivors of the violence.

Novi Pazar and Trstenik Successful in Fund Raising
Within the program “Successful Fund Raising”,Association for help to mentally challenged persons Novi Pazar and Moravski orašak from Trstenik have successfully finished fund raising within their local communities and they have collected maximum amount of 5000 USD that was later doubled by BCIF.

Mentally challenged persons from Novi Pazar have raised funds for completing the building of the Regional center for day care and work training for mentally challenged persons. Through organizing humanitarian parties, theatre performances, street manifestations, spiritual music concerts, sales exhibitions and other activities they have gathered 1.225.056,00 RSD.

Philanthropic Bazaar

Novi Sad Youth center CK13 has initiated campaign to raise funds within the program “Successful Fund Raising”. The beginning of the campaign was on Saturday, March 3rd, and it was earmarked by sales bazaar of craft works where everybody could contribute by buying painting, broach or felt hats. The campaign and the web site of Women’s Creative Space were presented after bazaar, and there was an announcement of the concert of Jarboli and other forthcoming activities. The day finished with successful auction of hand made products donated by creative women.

Individual Philanthropy in Local Communities in Serbia

Individual Philanthropy in Local Communities in Serbia.pdf (english)




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