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Philanthropy development

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Philanthropy development

As one of the leaders in the development of local philanthropy and social responsibility in Serbia, Trag wishes to move the support for sustainable development of Serbia from foreign help to domestic potentials. As a local foundation we think it is important that during the course of their development communities rely upon internal potentials, and we therefore do our best to encourage the development of local philanthropy and social responsibility. In line with our strategy, through diverse activities and programs we invest in the promotion and encouragement of philanthropy on the national, as well as on the local level.


Trag has prepared systematic campaign for enlivening and rebirth of philanthropic ideas and opinions in our society, by a range of activities with the intention that giving for the general welfare again becomes an everyday and normal part of our lives. The most important project in this cycle is the first prize for corporate philanthropy in Serbia – VIRTUS prize, which is traditionally held every year.

Trag is also actively working on raising awareness of the citizens as individuals on the importance of giving and on the awakening of solidarity, by especially developing mechanisms for transparency and the building of trust in foundations. Activities are conducted through campaigns and direct work with civil society organisations.

We have started our work on the improvement of legal framework in cooperation with Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia on making of the new Law on Foundations,with a goal to adopt a regulation which will respond to contemporary needs of this part of nonprofit sector, and contribute to the adjustment of domestic regulations with European standards and norms.

The new Law, which was adopted on November 23rd 2010, considerably improves the work of existing funds and foundations, and encourages at the same time the development and launching of new funds, and enlivening foundation and philanthropy culture in Serbia. In cooperation with Civic Initiatives we have launched an important initiative for the change of set of rules on tax relief, which would be simulative for companies and citizens.  The initiative has been supported by Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia.

We believe that the future lies in relying on our own powers – developing and reviving of philanthropic awareness and social responsibility in leading companies, as well as in the business world and the citizens themselves.


What is Philanthropy?

The word philanthropy has derived from Greek words filos (friend) and anthropos (man), and it translates as humanity, beneficence. It is described as good will towards people, and trying hard to make good. It is broadly defined and it includes all charity giving for the general good, and the expression itself is used when describing not only giving, but a wide range of donors as well. Therefore, on the basis of who is giving, we have: organized philanthropy – by which we mean network of nonprofit organizations and foundations, individual philanthropy – by which we mean individual contributions of the citizens, and finally corporate philanthropy – which includes charity giving from the private sector.



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