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By direct advocating for more inciting legal and fiscal framework for local donating, Trag enables greater support to citizens' initiatives in communities. By supporting participation of citizens' associations from local and national level in bringing and changing certain policies we provide better framework for community development in relevant areas.
In cooperation with European Center for Non Profit Law (ECNL)  and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Trag (ex BCIF) has actively participated in preparation of the Law on Endowments and Foundations. The process of creation of the Draft was participatory, public and it resulted in bringing the new  Law on Endowments and Foundations. National Parliament of Serbia has adopted the  Law on Endowments and Foundations on November 23rd 2010, which contributed to creation of favorable legal framework for development of endowments and foundations and their transparent management and business. Trag continues to work on activities that will significantly improve the work of existing foundations and endowments, by contributing to the revival of philanthropic and donating culture in Serbia.

Parallel with these activities, Trag actively works on international and local cooperation with partners and networks which is directed towards creation of more favorable legal and fiscal framework for local donating and providing support to citizens' initiatives in local communities.

SIGN network – Trag, together with foundations from six countries in the region, gathered in SIGN network, works on activities that will contribute to  creation of favorable environment for development of philanthropy and donating for common good. Within the project “SIGN for Sustainability”, supported by European Union, based on legal analysis and comparative experiences from the region and EU countries, suggestions for improvement of fiscal policies are being created. Local donating will be stimulated through introducing and improving tax reliefs for companies and individuals, thus providing better conditions for bigger sustainability of civil society and citizens' initiatives.

Coalition for Social Entrepreneurship Development – As member of Coalition for Social Entrepreneurship Development, Trag is dedicated to development and improvement of social entrepreneurship in Serbia. Through its work in Coalition, Trag participates in implementation of activities that support social businesses, advocates for creation of favorable environment and promotes significance of the concept for economical advancement and sustainable development of society, with the aim to establish the platform for development of social entrepreneurship in Serbia. Activities of Trag foundation in Coalition are primarily directed towards creation and adaptation of legal acts important for development of this field.

Text of Law on foundations, as well as the appropriate explanation, may be downloaded here:

Text of Law on Foundations.pdf

Explanation of Law on Foundations.pdf



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