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Support to Networking of Civil Society Organizations

Trag (ex BCIF) provides support to associated citizens so they could influence politics in relevant area on local, regional and national level, in order to bring improvement to local communities. So far, Trag has been focused on support in the areas such are environmental protection and social inclusion, but it is open for support in other areas as well.
Trag supports connections, cooperation and networking of citizens' associations; facilitates organizing and implementing of mutual meetings, establishing and strengthening networks and coalitions. When necessary, Trag provides consultancy,  technical and financial support to networks and coalitions and supports organizing of public debates, researches and mutual projects originating in networks.
Up to now, Trag has supported establishment and work of two networks of local organizations: Green List of Serbia (GLS) and SLAP.

Green List of Serbia is the network of 12 local ecological organizations whose activities are directed towards improvement of the waste management system in Serbia. Up until now, Green List of  Serbia has conducted three ecological campaigns Get Plane Wise!  aiming to instigate relevant institutions, citizens and other stakeholders in society to be actively involved in solving the problem of waste disposal in Serbia. In these campaigns, GLS has succeeded to involve more than 28.000 citizens on local and national level to clean several dozens of wild landfills in more than 15 communities and gather over 80 tons of waste that was later recycled.
SLAP is the network of 10 civil society organizations focused on providing social services to persons with disabilities and their families. Trag has supported SLAP members to develop services and to improve its qualities through exchange of knowledge and good practice examples from EU countries. Trag has provided special support to these organizations in advocating for permanent financing of services on local level through budget allocations from local budgets.
Through special grants programs, Trag supports local organizations to build capacity for public advocacy on local level.



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