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Tax reliefs

Trag Foundation, together with foundations from six countries in the region gathered in SIGN network, works on activities that will contribute to building favorable surroundings for development of philanthropy and donations to common well-being.

Based on legal analysis and comparative experiences from the region and EU countries, suggestions to improve fiscal policies are being created within the project “SIGN for Sustainability”, supported by the European Union.  In the following period, in cooperation with SIGN network, Trag foundation   will work on advancement and change of policies in this field within the regional project “SIGN for Sustainability”. The project is supported by the European Union.

Corporate Philanthropy Guide “Good Deeds Will Come Back to You”

In cooperation with  the Government of the Republic of Serbia Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit (SIPRU) Trag Foundation has created the corporate philanthropy guide “Good Deeds Will Come Back to You”. The Guide aims to facilitate donations of legal entities for common well-being in Serbia. The Guide points out to legal solutions and suggests ways to resolve open issues in this field.

Creation of this guide was possible thanks to financial assistance from European Union funds, Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development and Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD). The author is  Dragan Golubović  PhD.



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