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Success stories by region

Day center for developmentally challenged persons in Brus
In order to secure funding and continuous operating of Day center, Society “Little Bee” started advocacy initiative which resulted with a success. Municipality Brus allocated $11,444 for providing service of Day center in 2015. Brus Municipality also started with creating Decision on social care services which will include service of Day center for developmentally challenged children. Their achievement is significant since their initial goal was to induce the service with a decision, while they managed also to get funds for providing the service. 

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Piloting Day Centers for elderly with dementia in Belgrade
As a biggest and most populated City in Serbia, Belgrade also is a city with deep demographic problems and differencies. Over 16% of population is elderly persons, over 65 years, and most of them are situated in central City municipalities. City has mechanisms of support for the elderly. There are 23 clubs, but they are suitable only for those who do not have significant medical condition and are functional on their own. On the other hand it is estimated that 10% of elderly population, over 65 years, suffers from dementia. So, there is a lack of support in social care services provided for the elderly with dementia. 

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Creating preconditions for providing service Living with support in Subotica
“Thank you for pointing out that I have actually spoiled my child, so now he knows less than he is actually able for. You have instigated me to work on my child's independence, so he could be prepared for life even when I'm gone.” 

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Sustainable funding of Home care and geronto service in Mali Idjos
Mali Idjos Municipality, situated in central part of Backa (Vojvodina), is one of the underdeveloped municipalities in Serbia. Also, over 16% of population is elderly (over 65 years), while 10 % of population are persons with disabilities. In 2010 Mali Idjos Municipality introduced an innovative service for the elderly - Home care including geronto service (which consisted of home care, medical care and help in hard work around the house). This service was important in all three aspects, since over 1,000 of households are single households, with elderly persons of poor health, in need for medical service, maintaining personal hygiene and cleaning of housing, as well as in workforce in jobs such as cleaning the yard, mowing grass, collecting leaves, chopping wood, clearing snow, transportation to health and other institutions, for medical examination or larger supplies. 

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“For my better homeland”
In order to create preconditions for rural tourism in the village Kopajkosara, Informal group “My Homeland” with support from Trag Foundation through the program Active Communities, started with cleaning of approach to the cave Samar in the village, building picnic place on it, renovating existing object into a local history museum and organizing cultural manifestation Prelo. 

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“Side by side with each other”
I have found a new will for life since I came to Dusa. My late mother used to say, when I have had a hard times: "Snap out of it!" When I lost her, it seemed to me that I have lost all support. And then I was again found it  in the association "Dusa".

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Provided Home care for the elderly in rural areas in Babusnica
In Babusnica Municipality, one of the oldest municipalities by the population, every third household is an elderly household. Nearly 80 elderly persons live in 18 inaccessible and distant villages, mostly alone in their households. They are isolated from their local community, with no social or health care, with poor health and very often in lack of every day groceries or medicaments. In order to ensure and provide support for these elderly Handicrafts from Luznice - Women's Ethno Center successfully influenced on Babusnica Municipality which allocated RSD 2,500,000.00 ($23,843) from local budget for providing service of Home care for the elderly in rural areas. 

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Women's Clinic of Health Center “Dr Boško Vrebalov” Got Hydraulic Gynecological Table and Adopted Room
Women with disabilities in Zrenjanin are finally able to have regular gynecological check-ups, and thereby protect their reproductive health, thanks to procurement of hydraulic gynecological table, adaptation of one room and building accessibility ramp for Women's Clinic.

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Every Fourth Runner on 27th Belgrade Marathon Had BELhospice T-shirt
“For me running is the story of persistence and determination, searching for sense and finding new possibilities, and I truly believe that BELhospice lives in accordance with these principles” - Tatjana.

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Loznica - Excellent Cooperation of Civil Society and Crisis Headquarters
One of the hardworking organizations in the field was Iskra, that provided help in disinfecting villages and settlements for days. However, the primary concern was to get fully operating pumps. The first help came from Trag Foundation in the form of urgent donation, so the pumps could arrive where they were the most needed.

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Trstenik – Solidarity at Work
“During the first days of work on removing sludge, when machines and vehicles could not pass through Grabovac streets, the biggest contribution was made by local associations, village sports clubs, hunters, amateur actors, meaning all those that volunteer in organizations.” Read More
Novi Sad Cycling Initiative
The main goals of this project was to increase security of bicycle riders in Novi Sad traffic and promotion of cycling, especially among children. Cycling Initiative is already known in Novi Sad by organizing critical mass of cyclists’ events. This was also one of the main activities of this project – 7 critical mass events were organized during the project with a lot of side activities - photography exhibitions, cycle fair, riding extraordinary bicycles (tall and long), etc. A lot of promotion material was printed for these events – 260 posters, 7,000 flyers, 2,300 stickers for bicycles, etc. Read More
“God Save Rzav”

River island Uski vir on Rzav River is favourite location of Arilje citizens – as picnic place and “Arrlem”  music festival spot during summer, but also as children playground for near by kindergarten all year long. Island was neglected for long period and  Environmental Organization “God Save Rzav” worked on arranging it, by cleaning it from waste, cutting old trees, posting benches, swings and slides for children, posting barbeque places for picnic, etc. Read More
Bela Palanaka Cinema Works Again

During summer 2013, the Center for open society development “Agora” advocated for reopening of local cinema. Young people joined around this cause – they collected signatures for petition, and succeeded to get movie “The hat of professor Kosta Vujic” from Belgrade production house Košutnjak film for free Read More
"Eco fun camp"
Young activists of Kragujevac, together with foreign volunteers, organized summer volunteer camp in order to arrange park and favorite picnic site “Ilina voda” of Kragujevac citizens. This action was a great test for youth activism and organization Environmental Assiciation of camp fans "Eco fun camp", and it was successfully completed. Read More
Rainbow Šabac – Exemplary Activists
“Although our priority target group are LGBT persons and their families, we have always aspired to be of use to entire community and above all to those that are the most vulnerable.” In practice that means that since the crises outbreak, members, volunteers and beneficiaries were engaged to help their fellow citizens.

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Successfully Finished Action “How Does a Tree Grow?”
Within the program Successful Fundraising, organization “Green Circle” from Bački Petrovac has completed the process of fundraising in local community and raised the amount of 419.473,06 dinars that is doubled by Trag Foundation.

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All for “Milica”
Vrnjačka Banja citizens have proven that success is rewarded  by supporting initiative of the local organization “Women's Center Milica” to establish and equip Day Care Center for support to cancer patients and their families.

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Building Capacity of “the Kitchen on Wheels”
In “Our House” young people with intellectual challenges could socialize and have fun, but also learn, work and earn money.

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Revitalization of Medoševac center
Activists of association “True Step” have decided to give new, better look to the center of Medoševac, one of settlements in Niš, and in that way create meeting point and place for creative leisure of its citizens.

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“Golubac the Town of Lilac”
Citizens of Golubac have ennobled their town hoping that town of lilac will become the tourist attraction and specificity of this small town at Danube shore.

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“Optimism – Spread Further”
Persons with disabilities in Kragujevac will have conditions for productive, high-quality and dignified life thanks to support provided by personal assistants.

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Rockonstruction of Požega
Rockonstruction is above all, the story of the history of rock music in Požega and the most of its players in the past several decades. This endeavor is the deed of young people wishing to show to their own generation how that history looked like, but also to document music life of the town in not so distant history.

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“Roller Skater - Volunteer”
Thanks to the successful cooperation between the Extreme Sports Club “Extreme Family 014” and local authorities, Valjevo is put on the list of cities with skate park.
Extreme sports lovers from this town have decided to solve one of their biggest problems – the lack of adequate premises for exercising and doing skating.

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“Beautiful, Healthy, Useful”
With its project “Beautiful, Healthy, Useful”, the Scouts Squad Bajina Bašta  has succeeded to gather the whole community around the same goal: arranging the space of the scouts camp Zaovine, on Tara mountain. Local authorities have granted the Squad  to use this space in the next 25 years.

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Kragujevac is the Stand-Up Center of Serbia
Stand-up comedy is present is Serbia for just a few years, but in Kragujevac, this way of creative expression is really catching on. As of September, thanks to Association of citizens Vido, this town hosts stand-up comedy nights, especially presenting young and unrecognized comedians from Kragujevac who would like to try live performance.

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All Colors of Užice Happiness
During nineties of the last century, Užice has started with the practice of painting building facades in this town, but financial problems and other obstacles have stopped this endeavor of “town of murals”. This year, one new painted wall has reminded citizens of that interesting idea of “bringing life” to city walls.

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Open Gallery on Šabac Streets
A group of young people from Šabac, gathered around the informal group “Kombinart”, came to idea to use the billboards set in the center of the town for exhibiting the work of young artists from Šabac. For that purpose, they have initiated competition for photo or scanned presentations of paintings, graphics, sculptures, design or photography. For promotion they have used social media networks and the large billboard in downtown. The response to competition has shown that there was a great need for such action. More than 400 artworks created by more than 40 artists came as a response to competition of Open Gallery HD.

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Association for support to mentally challenged persons Novi Pazar
Association for support to mentally challenged persons Novi Pazar was fund raising for the closing of construction works on the Regional Day Care Center and Work Training for People with Developmental Challenges. Through this action, this association has mobilized entire community and has gained huge support of volunteers, individual donors and local businesses.
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The Association for Local Development „Kamenica“
Wishing to contribute to the improvement of general life conditions of elderly and fatigued persons in rural areas, groups of activists gathered in the Association for Local Development „Kamenica“, instigated establishment of mobile volunteer teams.

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Association „Optimist“ from Bosilegrad
Association „Optimist“ from Bosilegrad has conducted initiative for economic empowerment of 10 socially vulnerable families through agriculture. Through this project they have provided financial support for procurement and establishment of greenhouses, procurement of tools, strawberry seedlings and training of family members for greenhouse production. In that way families were enabled to start production and placement of products.  

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Association Women’s Center „Milica“ from Vrnjačka Banja
Association Women’s Center „Milica“ from Vrnjačka Banja has organized three months workshops of old crafts for women from Vrnjačka Banja that suffer breast cancer. During workshops women were trained to make decorations and utilities, they have regained the feeling of acceptance in community and they have got the opportunity to improve personal finances by doing crafts. 
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Informal group „Youth for Užice”
Informal group „Youth for Užice” wanted to use their project to influence stakeholders to provide premises and rehearsal time for young musicians at Town Cultural Center. Through very active on line campaign and by organizing mini festivals of demo bends, this groups has achieved its goal.
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Association for Support to Mentally Challenged Persons “Our House” from Belgrade
Young people with disabilities from day care center of Association for support to mentally challenged persons “Our House” from Belgrade have been trained to work on food packaging and delivery, as cashiers and to manage orders in realization of service of distribution of quality and financially available meals to home addresses. The service “Kitchen on wheels” has provided open environment working places for 10 persons with disabilities, but also available meals for citizens who need support.
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Association for support to mentally Challenged Persons „Blue Bird“ from Kula
Association for support to mentally Challenged Persons „Blue Bird“ from Kula  has developed model for employment of their beneficiaries based on mobile teams. After completing the training with two expert trainers and being trained for the jobs of sorting, painting, cleaning and pasting, five beneficiaries have formed a mobile team that has offered its services to local businesses.
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